• Why You Should Keep Your Office Windows Clean

    Office Windows Clean

    If your business has offices where your employees work, or even more crucially, a place where you meet your clients and customers daily, there are a number of things that you need to think about when it comes to presenting yourself and your company.

    For instance, the décor and appearance of your waiting room/lobby will certainly paint a picture of your company to your clients. One thing you may not think about that much is the state of your windows.

    Unless your office is mostly glass, chances are that you don’t think about your windows much. However, experts at Blue Skies Window Washing share why your windows are more important than you think and why you’d better keep them clean.

    Conference Room Atmosphere

    When meeting your clients in your conference room, the goal is probably to be as focused on the task at hand as possible. Whether you are hashing out a new deal or presenting a pitch to your client, you want as few distractions as possible.

    That’s why maintenance is so important. Making sure the workspace is clean and fresh then becomes imperative. While cleaning the floor and dusting the office are probably commonly performed, if your windows are not included in this list, chances are that the light shining into the office will become somewhat dull and be a distraction.

    Productivity of Your Staff

    Speaking of dulled light and distractions, it has been shown in numerous studies that workers are much more productive with exposure to natural daylight. If your offices have plenty of windows, you are on a good track to boost your productivity.

    That is, of course, if you keep the windows clean and spotless. Diffused and dull light often affects the mood of many people. Just think about the productivity and mood of your workers on a particularly cloudy and miserable day and compare it to a sunny day.

    You have a chance to give your office the best outlook possible if you clean your windows regularly.

    Drawing New Customers

    If your offices are more a walk-in type of business, you depend a lot on the first impressions people create of your business. Some researchers claim we develop the first impression in as little as seven seconds.

    That means that they will not have the time to think deeply about you but rather rely on the sensory information available to them—mostly vision but also smell and hearing. So, what will they see when they see your office? Pristinely clean windows and doors or smudgy and dull entrance with a layer of dust?

    The View from Your Office

    Finally, having clean windows should be a treat you give yourself. The satisfaction of looking out a sparkling, clean window can be quite an enjoyable experience, especially if your business overlooks a beautiful view, like the skyline of the city or a park.

    Taking a break just to appreciate the view can recharge your batteries and give you the positivity boost you may be needing.

    Investing in your office space with the proper cleaning services is essential. Most business owners are aware of that, but may not be aware of just how impactful a clean office and office windows can be. However, if you invest in this, you will immediately see the positive effects it will have, both for your employees and your clients in the long term.

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