• The Dirtiest Places in Your Office According to Experts

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    An office is a place where we usually spend half of our waking day. When you start to work at a company, It takes some time to familiarize yourself with the office and to feel comfortable, but when you do, you basically make yourself at home.

    Over time, your desk begins to reflect your personality and habits. Even though you put some effort into cleaning it every now and then, it is still considered one of the dirtiest spots of the working space. Unfortunately, it is not the only one.

    If you wish to find out more about the dirtiest places in an office, just keep on reading. This article wouldn’t have been possible without the experience shared by commercial cleaning experts from San Diego, Cal Office Cleaning, who deal with this sort of problem on a daily basis.

    The Desk

    Believe it or not, your desk is one of the dirtiest and germiest places in the entire office. It’s your working station and before you arrive at work and start your day off, you come in contact with a lot of things, people, and whatnot. Do you wash your hands before you sit down and start working?

    Not likely. Probably the vast majority of us get some coffee first and sit down to work. So coffee, breakfast, snacks, and other drinks all share a common space for consumption—your desk, and, to be even more precise, your keyboard.

    The keyboard is probably dirtier than a toilet seat; it contains all sorts of things ranging from crumbs, dirt, hair, skin, and various other unidentified objects. Just turn it upside-down, shake it mildly and see all the horror that falls out.

    The overall amount of dirt is even greater in an open-space area with no designated seats, where it is just impossible to clean up every time you switch places.

    The Office Kitchen/Café

    Just imagine 20 or more people using the same refrigerator, microwave, dishes, plates and all other items found in the dining area. Now imagine a large majority of those people not caring enough to clean after themselves, Is it the lack of time or will? It doesn’t really matter and it’s not the topic.

    The mess after lunch is pretty big, sticky, and smelly, especially if no one bothers to clean up, not just once but on a regular basis. That is the only way to keep this area of the office as clean as possible, especially because it is where you eat every day, and you don’t want to eat germs and dirt.

    Items like sponge or trash houses contain a huge amount of bacteria and need to be cleaned constantly because everyone comes in contact with them all the time and they put themselves at risk.

    The Waiting Room

    This is probably one of the busiest areas of the office. Many different people circulate throughout and it is just impossible to keep it clean constantly. You assume that everyone has good hygiene but unfortunately, that is never the case, not just due to people’s negligence but also due to their line of work, that might include getting dirty.

    All the things within the waiting room that are touched by hands are dirty, like doorknobs, water dispensers, armrests on chairs and couches, and even the seats on the chairs which many people use to rest their feet on.

    Your maid company needs to put extra care into this part of the office; not only does it have to leave a good impression because it’s the first thing you see when you come in, but more importantly, you don’t want your waiting area to be a source of infection.

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