• How to Decorate a Bathroom with Pantone’s Color of the Year

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    These are the perfect adjectives to describe Peach Fuzz, the Pantone 2024 Color of the Year. It’s a just-right shade that walks the line between orange and pink, bold and muted, modern and vintage. Pantone describes Peach Fuzz as a color meant for “enjoying a moment of stillness and the feeling of sanctuary this creates,” making this shade an ideal choice for your bathroom.

    Create a comforting ambiance when you choose this variation of peach. Depending on the saturation and brightness levels, there are many shades to choose from when it comes to selecting a bathroom color—and just as many ways to decorate with it. Learn more about how to make your bathroom feel just peachy.

    Peach Fuzz Decorating Tips

    Peach Fuzz and its different shade options are versatile colors in any interior design palette. Here are some ways you can deploy it to best effect in your spaces:

    1. Use it with another neutral color. A soft, light peach works well with other similar tones, like cream, white, or beige, to create an airy, spacious effect. It acts like a neutral but with a lovely spin on the typical off-white or tan.
    2. Make the perfect match with blue and peach. Blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel, which makes them complementary shades. Think of a turquoise blue against a darker, almost terracotta peach or navy paired with a peach that has a subtle orange undertone. Usually, one color will be the dominant shade in your design, with the other serving as a secondary color.
    3. Take inspiration from nature. Picture a tree in all its glory, with peachy pops of fruit nestled between lush green leaves. Now, translate this same color combination into your home design. It can be vibrant or mellow, depending on the saturation of your colors. Once you’ve picked your peach color, see how it looks with different greens, from olive to emerald, to find the ideal shade.
    4. Add drama with the interplay between dark and light. Deep, dark colors in furniture or paint (yes, even black) add a rich, sophisticated contrast to light, peachy colors.
    5. Work with wood tones. Rich, natural wood can complement lighter tones like peach for a sumptuous look that creates a space with great warmth.
    6. Expand your idea of what peach is. Peach Fuzz, while beautiful, is just one spot on the peach spectrum. Explore all the options, from nude to neon, and you’re sure to find the color that’s just right for your home.

    Bring Peach Into Your Bathroom

    Now that you have some ideas for incorporating peach into your home design aesthetic, it’s time to see how this soothing color can be used in your bathroom. Peach is a great fit in this space; it creates a calming environment as well as a flattering glow, which is always a bonus when you’re getting ready in the morning. Here are some design tips to give you inspiration:

    Peach Walls, Wood Vanity

    The warm tones of a light wood vanity against soft peach walls create a serene, spa-like atmosphere with a blend of neutral-style shades. You could also go in the opposite direction, where a vanity in a dark paint color or wood stain creates an aura of grown-up glam.

    Peach Tiles

    This isn’t your grandma’s bathroom. Instead of the almost-tan peach found in retro bathrooms, choose a lighter, brighter pinky peach for a more modern update. For a fresh look, use subway tiles or glass mosaic tiles in this shade for your shower or walls.

    Peach Textiles

    If a bathroom remodel isn’t on the horizon (or in your budget), you can still transform your space with the addition of new rugs, towels, and shower curtains. You’ll want to find a peach that works with the colors you already have in your bathroom, so get fabric swatches whenever possible to find a good match. And don’t limit yourself to solids; geometric patterns, stripes, florals, and other prints offer plenty of design inspiration.

    Peach Counters and Sinks

    Of course, you can paint your walls peach. But why not switch things up and paint your walls white or green to showcase a peach pedestal sink or a terracotta countertop on your vanity? This unexpected take on peach draws the eye and offers something different in bathroom design.

    Peach and Gold

    Naturally, a warm color and a warm metal harmonize wonderfully together. Incorporate gold tones in your peach bathroom with your sink faucet, fixtures, wall mirrors, and cabinet and drawer pulls.

    Peach Accents

    It’s easy to add peach as a secondary or tertiary color to your existing bathroom palette. Bring in peach-hued accessories such as a soap dish or jewelry box, hang a piece of art with that shade, or even paint the inside of your medicine cabinet.

    Peach and Nature-Inspired Decor

    If you’ve chosen a soft color like Peach Fuzz for your bathroom, emphasize its earthy warmth with natural elements, such as green indoor plants, marble counters, stone-style flooring, and woven baskets and hampers.

    Peach Fuzz may be the color of 2024, but when you use it as part of a well-thought-out bathroom design, it’s a color you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

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