Guest Bathroom Ideas: Decor, Design and More

The bathroom, serving as the starting and ending point of each day for most people, is one of the most important rooms in a home. It offers a space to decompress, find freedom, and, for some, even sparks inspiration. Consequently, when guests visit your home and stay overnight or for an extended period, they too need that comfortable and inviting space. If you want guests to feel welcome and refreshed for a comfortable stay, it is important to design your guest bathroom effectively. Make sure to add some decor and have all the necessary supplies readily available.

Guest Bathroom Ideas

Tips To Design Your New Guest Bathroom

Your first guest bathroom design decisions will be what fixtures to put in the room and where to put them. Following that, you’ll have to consider whether to do a freestanding sink or what kind of cabinets you want underneath it. From there, decide between custom construction or RTA cabinets.

Next, move on to the flooring. If you want a spa-like experience, stone tile is beautiful and functional. To balance budget concerns while still maintaining a touch of elegance, you can incorporate some stone into your design as a contrast to porcelain. Stonecreek SPC click flooring is another popular and long-lasting choice.

As you move on to consider the aesthetics, keep plenty of white and off-white to make the room feel more spacious. However, contrast this with warmer elements. Shades of gray-beige or slightly subdued grays can ground a space well.

As you envision your guest bathroom design, consider how many instances there are of rugged, glossy surfaces. Instill a human touch with tactile textures, such as woven boxes or baskets, which also add functionality. Wood elements can help bring some natural energy into an otherwise sterile space, and you can do this with the help of small accessories or by adding an accent tool to the vanity and shelving. Just be sure you pick a piece that is already well sealed or seal it yourself since moisture damage is always a bathroom risk.

Ways To Decorate the Bathroom To Be Welcoming

After you’ve finished shopping for wholesale bathroom vanities and before you start purchasing specific products to stock the guest bathroom, you need to decorate it. Privacy shades are an excellent place to start. Natural light is great for most bathrooms, but guests might want privacy in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Next, simplify their life by putting a tray out where they can easily store their toiletries for immediate access. A decorative stool can help visiting kids who might have trouble reaching the sink or mirror.

Greenery adds a breath of life to a refreshing space. Fresh greenery lets guests know you’ve recently checked on the room and ensures it’s ready for visitors. Artificial plants offer a permanent solution, especially for a windowless bathroom. A lack of natural light doesn’t have to kill the decor, though, as you can embrace darker colors with the wallpaper. Floral wallpaper usually works in most bathrooms, but think about scaling the blooms to be proportionate to the size of the room. If you trust your visitors with candles, include several scents and a box of matches for their enjoyment.

Bathroom Products To Keep For Your Guests

When thinking about products for your guest bathroom, consider how to treat your guests with luxury and comfort in addition to practical things. Hand soap, toilet paper and towels are prominent products to stock up on. Still, you might want to think of things guests might need that they might not feel comfortable asking you for, especially if they wind up needing them when you’ve already gone to bed. Make sure there’s a plunger available, over-the-counter painkillers, feminine hygiene products and even extra rolls of toilet paper. Cotton balls and swabs, a trash can, a bath mat and a basic first-aid kit are more items that guests can use for a comfortable visit.

Once you ensure your guest bathroom is stocked with enough necessities, you can start thinking about products that make the space more comfortable and even add a touch of luxury. Many people pack toiletries when they travel, but providing more options than typical travel varieties can give your bathroom a bit of a boutique hotel ambiance. Toiletries can be a welcome help to anyone who flies and has to keep certain things under FAA limits in their carry-on bag.

Your guests might be familiar with bidets if they have traveled to Europe, and they’re also gaining popularity in other parts of the world. Those who use them consider them very sanitary and pleasant options. You should even consider updating the faucets and showerheads of your guest bathroom to save water while still providing maximum water pressure. As a final courtesy, ensure they can lock the bathroom door so other guests don’t get interrupted accidentally.

Make and Keep an Inviting Home

The process of getting ready for houseguests might not be a part of your routine, but it is an opportunity to host friends and family visiting from out of town. Whether it’s the holidays or just a seasonal vacation, having them close by makes it significantly easier to spend quality time with those who have traveled to see you.

Now You’re Ready!

You’ll usually be inclined to prepare the guest bedroom and ensure the rest of your home is clean and ready to make a good impression. However, don’t forget the guest bathroom visitors might use. The right design and decor will create a welcoming space that your guests will find refreshing, but make sure you stock it with things they need right before they show up.

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