• What Paint and Colour Should I Paint My Baby’s Nursery?

    When you find out you are having a baby, your mind goes into overdrive. There are suddenly so many things to worry about and decisions to make. Whether you can’t settle on a name, decide how you want to feed your newborn or are worried about how this new little human is going to fit into your life, the bottom line is you will figure it out.

    Then you have the matter of decorating the nursery. Although this can be stressful, we think this is one of the funniest parts about baby preparations and we want to do what we can to help you decide what colour to paint your baby’s room. There’s alot to consider when it comes to wall colours, including everything from current trends to colour psychology.

    Paint trends

    If you want to stay on trend when it comes to the decoration and colours you use in your baby nursery, you’ve come to the right place. Trends range from which brands of paint are in, which colours of paint work best and importantly, which paint are least harmful to your baby.

    Royal paint

    In recent years Megan Markle has been plastered all over the tabloids and news for a number of reasons- both positive and negative. It’s safe to say that Megan definitely has an influence on current trends and that includes home decor. One decoration trend that was recently sparked by Megan and Harry was the paint choice used in their baby’s nursery in vegan friendly paint. Upon deeper research, we have discovered that many standard wall paints are neither vegan or cruelty free as they often contain animal derived ingredients or worse, are tested on animals. Personally, the vegan paint trend is one we can definitely jump on.

    Low VOC paint

    Low VOC paint

    Another paint that is becoming increasingly popular in recent years is low VOC paint. Many people are blissfully unaware of the fact that their wall paints are brimming with toxic chemicals- volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These chemicals are what cause that strong smell we all associate with a fresh coat of paint and can cause the nasty side effects many of us experience such as nausea, dizziness and headaches. To put it into perspective, these chemicals can be found in car fumes and glue so it’s no wonder that they have a negative affect on our health and the air quality within our homes. After discovering this we thought it only right to share this information, and on a positive note the fact that it is possible to purchase low VOC- toxic free paint.

    A brand we recommend is Victory Colours whose paint is not only low VOC, it is vegan, cruelty free, ultra low odour and environmentally friendly. All of these benefits make this p[aint a perfect choice for a baby’s nursery- we don’t think wall paint can get much more human and animal safe than this.

    Paint the town ..green

    One colour trend that has absolutely taken off this year is green. Whether it’s fashion or home decor, everyone loves green. Green is the perfect colour to bring the outdoors into the home- it creates a truly natural vibe that we think is a great choice for a baby’s nursery and gender neutral too. A great thing about green is the fact it comes in so many variations, sage green, dark green, teal- the possibilities seem endless. You can use green as a splash of colour for example a deep dark green is ideal for a feature wall whereas sage green and olive green can look amazing across all walls of a room.

    Colour psychology

    Now we have discussed a few of the recent popular paint trends, we wanted to delve deeper into the meaning behind colours. Many people don’t know that colours can actually have an influence on our mood and feelings. Understanding the meaning behind colours can help you to decide a colour pallet for your baby’s nursery. Some feelings you may want to evoke are warmth, calmness and creativity.



    One colour that we love in a baby’s nursery has to be yellow. This colour represents the sun which gives it a warm and happy feel. This colour is gender neutral and can be paired with a number of colour combinations. Yellow is also said to increase creativity, cheerfulness and optimism. Despite the fact that yellow is a happy colour, some studies have shown that too much yellow can create feelings of nervousness or agitation. For this reason we recommend using yellow as an accent or as one feature wall rather than coating all walls in it.


    Although this colour is typically associated with ‘boys’ at least traditionally anyway, but we don’t think it needs to be that way. Blue is a fantastic colour that comes in a range of shades and tones. What’s more, blue is said to evoke feelings of trust, peace, calmness and loyalty, we think this qualifies blue to be a great nursery colour. We are aware that blue is also associated with feelings of coldness and even sadness which is probably where the saying ‘feeling blue’ comes from. However, when used correctly, blue is a great way to add an exciting splash of colour to a room.



    Similarly to yellow, orange is classed as a warm colour, it is said to evoke courage, confidence and good energy. It is also seen as a friendly colour. Orange is one of our favourite colours because it’s unique, gender neutral and fun.

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