• Getting Your House Ready for the Cold: 5 Winter Home Décor Essentials

    As the winter months arrive, it’s time to get your house ready for the cold. And what better way to transform it and make it more merry and bright than with some home decor? But if you’re not sure where to start decorating or need some tips on easy ideas as we roll into the cold winter months, we’re here to help. Here are five winter home decor essentials to make your home feel warm and cozy this season.

    Candles and Wintery Scents

    #1 Candles and Wintery Scents

    Candles are a fantastic winter home decor essential. They give off a wonderful aroma to a home, especially when you can’t freely open windows for some fresh air, and even offer a comforting glow. But they can also bring back lovely memories of winters past spent with family and friends. Ignite Winter candles that smell of evergreens, eucalyptus, holly berries and other seasonal scents to recall fond memories of family get-togethers around the holidays.

    Have kids and pets who tend to knock over even the most strategically placed items on the coffee table or nightstand? Keep candles out of reach or give your home a scent with a flame-free Holiday diffuser or a Pura smart home diffuser instead.

    Candles are perfect for every room, too! Place a candle in the bathroom or bedroom to add a calming effect before sleep or in the kitchen or entryway to welcome guests as they arrive for your holiday parties. Pair your candle with other winter home essentials to create a lovely holiday display.

    #2: Silver and Gold Decorations

    Metallic decorations offer an elevated, grand look to a cold house during the winter months. While the outside might look bleak and frigid, your interior can be adorned with silver and gold decorations. When it comes to metallics, a little goes a long way. Incorporate metallics of cool-hued silvers and warm golds and coppers into your home as an accent here and there.

    For dinners and entertaining, bring out metallic serveware and flatware to impress guests and add a luxurious touch to your winter home decor. Or add a brass fireplace screen and tools ready to stoke the fire on a winter evening. Metallics don’t have to be hard metals, either. Add a sequined lumbar pillow to an accent chair or a metallic threaded throw across the ottoman. You can even place a candle on a metal tray along with other winter home decor essentials.

    #3: A Sheepskin Rug or Throw

    Textiles can easily change up the look of a home. While you might have crisp linens on the bed and sheer curtains to give a  home a summery vibe, winter calls for thicker, plusher textiles. Velvets and chunky knit throws look wonderful at the foot of a bed or as a pillow case on the living room sofa. But one must-have winter home decor essential is a sheepskin throw or rug.

    If you have a fireplace decked to the nines for the winter holiday season, place a sheepskin rug in front of it, inviting family and guests to sit in front of a crackling fire. If you prefer something more versatile and washable, aim for a sheepskin throw instead. It can be elegantly arranged across the foot of a bed or placed over a lounge chair or dining chair to offer extra warmth and comfort to a headrest.

    And don’t worry! You don’t have to get an actual sheepskin. There are countless faux sheepskin variations available — perfect if you want to add a little color too! From blacks and browns to pastel-like tie-dye variations, there are all sorts of sheepskin throws and flokati rugs out there.

    #4 Greenery and Hardy Winter Plants

    Just because the winter landscape turns the trees bare outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t invite some greenery in. From garlands across the stairway railing and fireplace mantel to the Christmas tree itself, there are many ways to bring nature back inside the home.

    While evergreens are easy to find in the winter, don’t forget to add a pop of color with your indoor plants too! Bring in a collection of poinsettias for a bold, bright red and white hue or a Christmas cactus with its charming pink flowers. Fill a container with amaryllis bulbs that will sprout and surprise you with a mystery color or two.

    Adding plants into the home around the winter can give your home a cheerier disposition that it sometimes needs. So, whether it’s a giant fiddle-leaf fig or a tiny succulent on your home office desk, fight off the winter blues with a plant or two.

    #5: String Lights for Extra Illumination

    As daylight savings time kicks into gear, the winter home becomes darker sooner. But instead of sitting around in the grim light of dusk, illuminate the space with extra lighting. Extra lighting, like sconces, table lamps and floor lamps, can be placed just about anywhere. You can add a charming accent light to your buffet table or even add a few battery-operated lights up on a high shelf to create a glow throughout the room. But some of our favorite winter home decor essentials are twinkling string lights.

    String lights can be draped and wound across just about anything. Wrap string lights around some garland and weave it through a dining room chandelier for a little extra sparkle when the main lights are dimmed. Or hang some string lights in a boring bathroom around a towel shelf to add some festiveness. There’s much more to string lights than simple white LEDs. Look for string lights with white snowflake ornaments and colorful, vintage-inspired bulbs for a wintery aesthetic.

    Prepare the Home with These Winter Home Decor Essentials

    There are endless ways you can get your house ready for the cold and the upcoming winter season, but these five essentials are bound to do the trick. Add metallics, candles, sheepskin and more throughout the home to give a cozy and inviting feel for family and guests alike.

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