• Planning To Design Beautiful Christmas Art? Here Are Some Tips

    Planning To Design Beautiful Christmas Art

    When it comes to finding the right kind of Christmas art, using quilt patterns for displaying the same is indispensable. If you are trying to do a Christmas art quilt pattern appliqué for the first time, it might appear slightly overwhelming to get started. It can be quite easy to do so when you remember these tips about Christmas quilting fabric art.

    Pick A Simple Art

    First and foremost, you must choose simple art. To be on the safe side, it is a good idea to avoid choosing an intricate part for your first Christmas quilting fabric artwork design. It is probably a better idea to begin with a Christmas tree first.

    Based on your skill level, a Christmas quilting fabric pattern focusing on a Christmas tree can be quite simple or complex in form. Things could be very easy, such as sewing a large-sized green print triangle to get the evergreen part and stitching a small triangle to get the trunk part.

    Use The Clip Art Collection Of Your Computer

    You may use the clip art connection in your computer or choose online clip art that is your favorite to get inspiration for the Christmas quilting fabric artwork designs. Once you can find the right Christmas art to use for your specific quilt pattern, get it printed out to have the Christmas art you want.

    Choose The Right Quilt Pattern

    After you choose your favorite Christmas art, what comes next is the selection of quilt patterns. But there are two questions that you would like to consider:

    1) Would you like to incorporate your Christmas art into some other pattern, such as a nine-patch?

    2) Or would you wish to appliqué the art into large squares of 12-inch sizes?

    You might like to get your Christmas art appliquéd onto a large panel in the middle of your quilt and get it bordered with various blocks of the quilt pattern of your choice. It all depends on you.

    The Christmas art that you would like to get into your quilt pattern may be an old family photo. It can be a great way to recreate a favorite family memory. You can get your photo transferred onto the quilt in various ways. Before piercing, you should place the photo over a quilt block. If something goes haywire during the transfer process, it can be much more convenient for you to cut some other block than to create another quilt altogether.

    Photo Transfer

    It is easy to do a photo transfer, isn’t it? You can get transfer paper at most of your local craft stores. If you would like to print the photo over dark fabric, get yourself a transfer paper formulated especially for dark-colored fabric. There, you can find the detailed instructions given for creating your photo Christmas quilting fabric artwork pattern.

    Direct-to-Fabric Digital Printing

    Direct-to-digital fabric printing is another way to transfer photos. The cost is slightly higher than carrying out the transfer on your own. However, the water-based ink directly enters the fibers of the cotton fabric. In this case, the photo has a soft feel to it as it becomes a part of the cotton fabric.

    If you are not interested in doing an appliqué, it is possible to find various kinds of quilt patterns with Christmas wreaths, bills, or trees pierced into the design. You can easily prepare a Christmas family heirloom with the help of any of these traditional Christmas quilting fabric patterns.

    Final Words

    Get comfy in some treats made with these lovely Christmas Quilt Patterns and enjoy the season of festivity and pleasure. You may turn any standard quilt pattern into a Christmas quilt pattern by using greens, reds, and white and adding some Christmas-themed quilt borders. Suppose you are a perfectionist who thinks that simple adjusting is cheating, and you want to produce the ideal Christmas quilting fabric patterns from scratch. This was the article that you needed the most.

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