• Type of Gutters That Lasts Longer

    Gutters are essential to protect your home from destructive water damage, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair. They effectively collect rain as it falls from your roof, redirecting it away from your home’s foundation. Although, at first glance, all gutters may appear the same, the truth is they’re not all created equal. The materials used in their construction directly affect their durability and lifespan, making choosing the highest quality options vital to saving you time and money. How do you know which type of gutter lasts the longest? Let’s take a look and find out.

    Types Of Gutters

    There are two commonly used gutter materials, vinyl and aluminum. While vinyl gutters are lighter-weight and rust-resistant, they don’t hold up well under heavy weather conditions. Their lightweight design makes them flimsy, often bowing and cracking with heavy rainfall. Vinyl gutters don’t come in seamless designs, instead requiring sectional construction that can create weak pressure points. As opposed to aluminum, vinyl gutters have a lower life expectancy and require replacement more frequently.

    Aluminum gutters are the most popular option amongst homeowners thanks to their durability and longevity. Aluminum gutters can easily last over twenty years regardless of climate and come in seamless options to prevent rusting, cracking, and splitting.

    The Benefits Of Aluminum Gutters

    Aluminum gutters are the superior choice for installation on homes in all climates, providing residents optimal protection from harmful water damage. There are many benefits to choosing aluminum gutters over their vinyl counterparts, giving you the confidence to know that you’ve made a wise investment.

    Unmatched Durability

    Aluminum gutters offer unmatched strength and durability to withstand even the strongest downpours. They will never bend and are not prone to rust, even in harsh weather conditions. Their seamless design means there are no weak spots that can warp, crack, or sag, giving you peace of mind.


    Aluminum gutters can last well over twenty years, making them a sound investment for your home. Even in tropical climates, aluminum gutters rarely rust but are easily paintable; offering added protection when necessary.


    Although aluminum gutters are slightly more expensive than vinyl; their longevity means you pay less over time. Additionally, aluminum gutters are less costly to install, evening out any price differences.


    Aluminum gutters offer far more flexibility than other material options, which is another reason they’re such a popular choice among homeowners. Aluminum is easily fit to shape, allowing it to be crafted on site for a seamless result. They also come in a variety of color options to fit any exterior and are recyclable, making them an eco-friendly and sustainable choice.

    Easy To Repair

    Aluminum gutters are thicker than vinyl, making them easier to repair quickly and affordably. Any dents that may occur are easily hammered out by a professional, resulting in a brand new-looking gutter for minimal cost.

    Aluminum gutters are the superior choice for homeowners seeking the best value for their investment. With their durability, long lifespan, affordability, and flexibility, it’s easy to see why aluminum gutters are the number one choice among homeowners!

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