• How to Create a Garden Escape That You’ll Love


    A garden can be a wonderfully peaceful place to escape to in the midst of your hectic life. However, too often, our gardens end up being chaotic and stressful instead of soothing.

    If being in your garden just makes you think of all the projects you need to do or being too hot or too cold in the garden often drives you inside, here are some tips to help you build a garden escape to relax in.

    Build a Climate-Controlled Space

    If ornate greenhouses and glamorous she-sheds seem out of your reach, don’t disregard the possibility of a climate-controlled space from which to enjoy your garden. You can build a simple, climate-controlled space more easily than you might realize.

    A basic garden shed with a couple of windows or a small prefabricated greenhouse may only cost a couple of hundred dollars, but you can get many hours of enjoyment out of a space like this. Just use a Wall AC Unit to provide quick, easy climate control. Wall Air Conditioners are easy to install, and a refurbished one will only cost you two or three hundred dollars.

    Your climate-controlled space is somewhere that you can sit and stare out at the beauty of your garden, cool or warm up, and handle some small garden projects like potting or seed starting. It is sure to become a haven away from everything and a great way to extend gardening time without constantly tracking dirt into the house.

    Plant to Make Cozy Spaces

    Trees and shrubbery in the garden aren’t just to offer shade or look pretty. Think of trees and shrubbery as the structure of your garden. They create spaces by cutting out noise and sunlight. They also offer cooling in the heat by providing local humidity and warmth in the cold by blocking chilly breezes.

    When used properly, hedges and trees create little private areas in your garden that you’ll find yourself seeking out over and over again. Ideally, this cozy seating area will be tucked away at the end of a charming garden path that meanders through flower beds or other attractive landscaping.

    The journey to your cozy space and the pleasure of sitting in it will be a wonderful little escape from your day. The goal is to plant the shrubs or trees thick enough that you won’t easily be able to see through them when you’re sitting in the sheltered area.

    This can be a lovely area to have a cup of coffee in the morning. Or, slip away for some lemonade in the afternoon. It will surely become a favorite destination in the summer and winter.

    Engage the Senses

    The more senses you use as you enjoy your garden, the more likely you are to forget yourself and fully enjoy the moment. Different textures and colors engage your vision. Wind chimes and a trickling fountain delight your ears. Herbs can be crushed, smelled, and even tasted.

    As you plant your garden, look for opportunities to encourage a sensory experience. Herbs like rosemary, thyme, or oregano can be planted along paths to be plucked and stepped on. Flowers in window boxes or hanging from planters can be smelled and seen at eye-level. There are dozens of fun and easy ways to engage the senses as you create your garden escape.

    Relax in Your Own Garden Escape

    You may be amazed by how affordable and easy it is to create a garden escape that you’ll love. Just by providing a tiny climate-controlled space, planting for cozy nooks, or engaging the senses, you can make your garden into somewhere you love to seek out instead of somewhere that makes you think of the projects you need to do.

    You don’t even need to revamp the entire garden. These ideas can be implemented in a small section that acts as your peaceful corner.

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