• These 5 Hacks Will Make Your Cleaning Easier All Year Long

    Did you know that, on average, people spend six hours cleaning every week? That’s nearly one additional workday every week you spend on keeping your home clean. Worse off, sometimes you feel like even those six hours aren’t enough. But what if the secret is in the quality, not the amount of time you spend cleaning?

    If you are looking for a way to make your everyday cleaning routine easier, the experts at Blue Spruce Maids have a few nifty cleaning hacks to help get your home clean in half the time you usually need.

    Reuse Dryer Sheets

    You don’t always have to spend a small fortune on cleaning products to keep your home pristine. Actually, a lot of items you need are already in your home. In fact, you might even be throwing them away.

    Dryer sheets are a great example. These can easily be used for home cleaning rather than thrown away. You can use them to clean out smudges on glass surfaces or wipe down the baseboards in your home.

    They can also be used to freshen up your wardrobe where you store your linen or t-shirts.

    Use Lemon to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

    Does your garbage disposal often smell really bad?

    They are supposed to, you might think. But they should be able to self-clean, right? However, sometimes sludge buildup may appear on the sides due to all the food and water you throw down the disposal. Over time, it may develop a smell that’s hard to get rid of.

    However, simply using lemons can help neutralize the smell. Cut the lemon into smal slices that the blades won’t catch and throw them down the disposal. For an extra kick, you can also use baking soda.

    Unblock the Vents

    Your HVAC vents are easy to forget. If you neglect them for a couple of months, a lot of dust can build up which can affect the quality of air and the efficiency of your HVAC system. If you want to get rid of extremely high energy bills and allergens in the air, you should make a habit out of cleaning them regularly.

    You can do so using the brush on the vacuum or a handheld vacuum cleaner. If it won’t get all the dust out, try dipping a rug in some warm water. Wrap the rag around a butter knife and reach into the vents to clean them.

    Use the Vinegar for the Faucets

    Vinegar can easily be called a cleaning ace. It can be used for different parts of your home. However, it is most useful when cleaning the grime buildup on your faucets caused by the minerals in the water. Some vinegar can be more useful than soap or water alone, as the vinegar breaks down the grime on a molecular level. It can also be used for the showerhead if you notice the buildup there is affecting the water pressure.

    Microwave Cleaning Made Easy

    Another area where vinegar shines. Quite literally. If your microwave is full of food buildup that has solidified over time, use a bowl with a water and vinegar solution. Add a toothpick to the bowl to stop if from boiling, then turn the microwave on for five minutes. Use a paper towel to clean the walls of the microwave and you’ll find that the food buildup is easier to clean than before with more than half the effort.

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