• How to Recognize That You Need a Plumber

    If you want your home to provide quality life, regular maintenance is a must. Every household has to deal with minor or major breaks every now and then. There’s no way around it, and at times when you start noticing something’s wrong, you best be ready to deal with the malfunction yourself or have a professional on a speed dial.

    So what is the right time to contact a plumber?

    The answer depends on whether you are able to DIY deal with the situation. Some of the issues are as simple as unclogging the toilet, but if you suspect something more sinister is at work, then a plumber is your guy. I wanted to identify symptoms that might require a professional plumber’s look so I talked to plumbing professionals at Allied Experts who provided me with the necessary insight, here’s what I learned:

    There’s a Weird Smell

    Bad smell is usually a good indicator that there’s something wrong, and should be investigated without hesitation. If your home is invaded by a disgusting stench that you identify originates from sewers, then it is time to call a plumber. Sometimes your sewer pipe has burst and it’s leaking now spreading this horrible smell. Sometimes these leaks are not as big and might take a while to cause some serious damage, but you shouldn’t waste any time and get someone over to find what exactly is causing the bad smell and where could the source be.

    You Flash Water But It Backs Up

    When you flush your toilet the water just fills back up to the surface. This irregularity might be as simple as a clogged toilet. Since pipes inside your home are connected the problem might show elsewhere. For example, you flush the toilet only to see the water back up in another one. This malfunction can be hard to detect, and it is recommended to contact a plumber with proper tools and experience to find the exact spot that causes the issue.

    Slow Drains And Low Pressure

    This is one of the most common issues people chose to ignore hoping it will go away eventually. Sometimes the issue is not within your pipes, still, ignoring this is not recommended since it might be a sign of something bigger to come, as it often occurs with plumbing problems. This could be caused by a small crack in the pipes or a clog. It is always better to deal with it while it’s minute and easier to fix.

    No Water At All

    This issue is usually not caused by faulty pipes, and you could check whether your neighbors also lack water or you can contact your local water supply company. If the problem resides in your house alone, then you might be dealing with faulty pipes. Various causes like frozen, broken, or clogged pipes might prevent water supply to your faucet. It might be difficult to determine the exact source of this break, and that the sooner you contact a plumber the better.

    Spots on the Ceiling Caused by Water

    These spots are not only ugly to see, but they are caused by leaks above. This might be due to a faulty roof and rain, or broken pipes. Either way, painting the ceiling will not resolve the issue. Instead, the first thing you should do is find the source and deal with it accordingly.

    Significantly Higher Bill

    This is something you might have noticed and ignored, but if the trend continues for a few months, or if there is a big spike in your monthly bill, then it’s time to call a plumber. If you were aware of how much water you used and the bill took you by surprise anyway, it may be time to investigate.

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