• Where to Place a Generator Around Your House

    Generator placement is one of the most important things that you need to consider, especially when you are planning to install a reliable, standby generator around your house. In this article, we will help you decide the right place for placing a generator around your property. There are some important details that you need to consider, so you can avoid certain problems in the future you may not be thinking about now. Finding the right location is necessary for offering the best and most comfortable experience for you and all those that surround you. Don’t forget to consider the safety as an important aspect when selecting the right generator location.

    a. Measure your property’s size

    This can be the first thing that you need to do, especially if you want to select the right location for your generator on a smaller property. It is recommended for you to place your generator at least 5 feet from your laundry vent openings, crawl space vents, windows, and doors so that any excess fumes stay outside your home. The generator should be at least 18 – 24 inches off from the nearest vinyl siding exterior, block, and brick from the foundation. You need to ensure that the generator has enough space for generator professionals to do some maintenance and reparation procedures.

    b. Check the homeowners’ association around your home

    This is another important thing that you need to do. Many homeowners’ associations usually have specific regulations and rules about the generator location. Some associations may require you to have an approval before you can place a home generator on your property. This approval is required to prevent you from running into any problems with your neighbors. When you are planning to install your home generator for the first time, you should consult with them about selecting the right location for your device. They will be happy to help you find the best location for your generator.

    c. Put away from any flammable materials

    If there are any flammable materials around your home, you need to put the generator away from these materials. This tip is very useful to help you avoid getting any fire hazard problems in your home. It is highly recommended for you to have at least 3 – 10 feet distance between your generator with any flammable materials in your home. If it is possible, you can place your generator in a dedicated site which doesn’t have any other materials inside. Consult your local generator company or other experts before making this decision.

    d. Never place a generator in a garage

    Some homeowners don’t have a lot of open areas for placing their generators. However, it may be a big problem for you in the long run. Some generators are going to produce carbon monoxide and any other dangerous gases to the environment. When the gas is trapped in the closed area, the gas will cause some negative impacts to you and your family’s health. Therefore, the generator should be placed on the outside areas and away from garages, so you will never have any problems with any hazardous gases.

    There are many other things that you have to consider, especially when you want to install a good standby generator in your home. Consider things like noise as well. If you are a light sleeper, placing a generator outside of your bedroom window could be a costly mistake. It’s always best to find your local professional and ask them to come out and consult your property. Many generator companies will provide this service for free in hopes of earning your business.

    When you a generator company’s survey service, they can give professional recommendations on how you can select the right location for your generator. Different generator brands and capacity levels may require different location specifications. Therefore, you can work with the pros for finding the right location for your generator around your house.

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