• Basement Finishing in Chicago and Other Cities

    Basement Finishing

    The basement is an integral part of any private home. This is a very convenient place for organizing various areas and rooms that are inconvenient for placement on the upper levels. By the way the basement has many natural benefits that literally scream to use them. Especially if you live in a big city like Chicago where the price of home is high it’s profitable to implement basement finishing in Chicago and increase the price of your home.

    This article will focus on the different types of basement rooms:

    Let’s consider the possible functional areas and their combinations. Let’s consider all the pros and cons of basement finishing. Maybe it will inspire our readers to take a closer look at their property’s precious underground square footage.

    The key to success lies in the fact that some of the functional spaces do not require natural light. And rooms like a home theater need complete darkness when watching a movie instead. Of course, these places are most suitable for placement in the basement.

    Lots of citizens order finishing a basement in Chicago because they make your home more comfortable, spacious and also more expensive for reselling.

    Laundry in Basement

    Laundry is best combined with some other area of your home. Thus, the laundry is most often combined with the kitchen or bathroom. But if you are ready to move your laundry to the basement, then it is convenient to combine it with the laundry. You will free your room from an excessive amount of clothes and forget about dirty spots all over the corridor. It is much easier to control cleanliness in one special place where you can wash, dry and store your clothes.

    Storeroom in the Basement

    One of the most intuitive ideas for setting up a basement for storing various things. Here you can keep rarely used wardrobe items, canned food, etc. This room can be additionally equipped with furniture for serving, sorting stored items or a refrigerator / freezer for storing food.

    Living Room in the Basement

    The most exotic solution, although it deserves the right to exist. The living room is usually a place with a high level of natural light, where you can enjoy the street view. However, there are lots of successful underground living room designs out there. Who knows, maybe you want to set up a seating area in the basement to throw loud parties and not disturb other residents of your home. The open plan of the basement allows you to combine functional areas. For example, the living room can be easily joined by a sports area, billiards, dining area, bar, home theater or any other space.

    Kitchen In the Basement

    It’s hard to imagine, but some people really dare to put their kitchen in the basement. Agree, this is a very extreme solution, since the place, in principle, is not designed for the kitchen, but sometimes you can select a cooking zone here. This could be an additional kitchen on the ground floor. It is especially convenient to have a kitchen near the pantry.

    Home Cinema in Basement

    This is possibly the most appropriate functional basement space you can think of. A home theater doesn’t require a lot of lighting. But it would be great to have a large space here to accommodate your family and guests. If so, you will have the option of dividing your home theater into different bar zones. In the case of a large open-plan basement, a home theater is a good place to coexist with other functional segments of the home. Most often it can be a billiard room or a gym. Glass partitions for dividing zones are an excellent option in order to properly equip the space.

    Gym or Playing Area On the Ground Floor

    Another must-have room for those who want to keep their body in shape also does not require windows. Sophisticated artificial lighting and a cooker hood are practically all you need to set up a gym underground. Every child probably dreams of a personal playground where you can try different sports without worrying about the noise. Creating a playground for your child in the basement and providing it with a decent level of artificial lighting is a big investment in your child’s health and development.

    Wine Cellar in Basement

    Perhaps the most natural location for a basement is the wine cellar. Take a look at the well-positioned shelves of your personal wine collection. We do not recommend combining this space with other areas. Wine loves darkness and it is better to isolate it from prying eyes.

    Extra Room in a Basement

    If your home is rather small and you like to invite guests, it is possible that you will want to use the space below. In order to comfortably provide your guests with sleeping places, you can consider organizing a small additional bedroom in the basement of the house. This extra room does not require much space, but can accommodate 2-4 or more people.

    In Conclusion

    Finishing a basement in any city doesn’t matter whether it is Chicago or not is a step forward to your comfort and whole home improvement. You can gain more than you invest and live in improved conditions. If you’re going to sell your home, then you can earn more and in shortened terms because a finished basement makes your home more attractive for the buyers.

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