• What To Look For When You Are Choosing Curtains For Your Home?

    When it comes to the choice of the custom curtains for your house, you have to make sure that you have the best design at your hand, this is not only because you have to focus on the beauty which the curtain adds to your house but also on the level of comfort. Window treatments have numerous factors which must never be overlooked by the clients or designers who are interested in the interior décor. It is extremely easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices that might be offered to you. Selecting the right custom drapes for your home can be quite daunting. Let us check some of the features which you must look for when you are choosing a curtain.

    1. Color and fabric

    These are the first two factors that will catch your eyes when you are looking for the perfect material for your house. These will also determine the longevity of your curtains and the regularity with which you might need to clean them up. When the curtains are too heavy in their colors or fabrics, you cannot draw them crisply. Most designers have stated that it is best to choose curtains that can be arranged in neat folds along with the panel. This makes the fabric fall gracefully till the end of the windows.

    1. Length

    This is yet another factor that will play a determining role in the case of your curtain choice. Some of the clients are interested in high ceiling curtains and the others are interested in the shorter designs. Designers often make sure that the curtains are hanging 6 inches above the window frame so that the height of the room seems elongated. Traditional window designs may even have the curtains bundled up at the bottom. Two or three inches may be added to your Roman shade valance when you are going for the traditional look in your curtains. The sides of roman shades must have enough fabric and lining as well so that unnecessary light does not enter the room at irregular intervals.

    1. Dryer friendly curtains

    One of the most important features which must be brought into concern while buying a curtain is the washer-friendly nature of the fabric. Curtains tend to get dirty very often. If you are using colors from the darker end of the palette, you might not need to worry about cleaning them regularly. However, you can always choose to design your curtains in such a manner that they are made out of textiles that can be washed and dried very easily. Choosing sheer curtains online can be a daunting task in this case as you will not understand the feel of the curtain for your house.

    1. From the store

    Many of the clients prefer to buy their curtains from the stores instead of getting the custom drapes because it is less work. Choosing the custom drapes online is even more challenging for rookie designers. However, we would always ask the clients to go for the custom window treatments as they are much conducive to the needs of your house. Every house has a different story to tell. The curtains must be an accessory to these stories rather than being picked up from the dusty corner of the shop.


    What do you think about the features that we have suggested in order to get the best design of the curtains? Do you think that there is a possibility that you might do better when you have the advice of a professional designer? Well, the choice is always up to you. You have the complete liberty to design the interiors of your house as beautifully as possible. Make sure that your choice of long or short curtains matches the vision of your house as well.

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