• Staying Safe While Working on Large Construction Projects

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    Working construction is an inherently dangerous profession. You spend your days working with dangerous machinery, lifting heavy materials, and performing physical labor. These dangers are often magnified when you’re working on a large construction project, as there is a lot more going on. Luckily, with some basic precautions, you can help keep yourself and those around you a lot safer. Here are a few tips you can use to keep yourself safe while working on large construction projects:

    Follow all Guidelines

    According to Goidel and Siegel, a construction accident lawyer in NYC, “Construction workers face serious hazards and risks on a daily basis, and construction accidents that could and should have been prevented are unfortunately common. In addition, other industrial occupations often create exposure to dangerous equipment and an array of other injury risks.” One way to prevent these accidents is by following written guidelines.

    You should know all the safety guidelines in place at your construction site. Someone has probably spent time developing these guidelines designed to keep everyone safe. For example, there may be rules about the type of equipment you need to wear, how to operate different types of machinery, or where you can spend your time. Get a copy of these guidelines and read them over again. Then, keep them in mind whenever you are at the construction site.

    Inspect Your Surroundings and Equipment

    The next habit to develop is to keep checking your surroundings and equipment. All it takes is a single misplaced tool for someone to trim and cause an accident. Before you begin performing any sort of task, take the time to check your surroundings. Make sure there is nothing that could cause an injury and that nothing will get in your way. Then move on to checking your equipment. See that it’s set up properly and that there are no issues with it. For example, if you have to climb up a ladder, make sure the ladder is firmly planted and that there is nothing that could knock the ladder over or cause you to fall off. Or if you’re about to use a concrete saw, make sure the guardrails are properly in place.

    Take Your Time

    A big cause of accidents comes from workers trying to rush through tasks. To avoid accidents and injuries, you’ll want to focus on taking your time. It’s always better to do something the safer way rather than the faster way. For example, if there is something you need to move that requires two or more people, don’t try and do it yourself. Attempting may result in injuring yourself and won’t move the item any faster. Rushing through tasks also leads to mistakes, which could lead to injuring yourself or someone else. So, if you find yourself in a hurry, slow down and opt to do things the safe way instead.

    Wear the Right Protective Gear

    Protective gear is a big part of construction sites. Simply wearing the right gear can protect you from a lot of injuries. Some common types of gear you might wear include a helmet, work gloves, goggles, ear protection, and sturdy boots. Make sure you’re wearing this gear at all the required times and that each piece is in working condition.

    Help Each Other Out

    Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance while on a construction site. Use your fellow team members to ensure you’re performing all tasks safely. For instance, if you need to climb a high ladder, have someone hold the base of it for you. This may lead to the job taking a little longer but it will help keep everyone safer in the long run. In addition, be on the lookout for opportunities to help others. Some of your coworkers may not like asking for help but will accept it if you offer.

    Keep Your Distance

    Finally, keep your distance from others performing tasks. A common occurrence on construction sites is to watch others get things done while you’re on a break. However, when crowds form, it’s more likely to lead to an accident or injury. Whenever you’re not working on something, find a safer space to spend your break away from the other workers, as this will help to keep everyone safe.

    Make Safety a Priority

    The most important thing you can do while working in construction is to keep yourself safe. There’s some danger to working on large construction projects but you can mitigate a lot of them by following some simple policies. When you’re able to complete a construction project without anyone getting injured or having any accidents, your employer will be glad you took the extra time to follow all the recommended safety guidelines.

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