• Top 4 Advantages of Owning Plantation Shutters

    Windows are a crucial part of homes to circulate air and keeping your home fresh. And a properly maintained window not only makes the home look good but also adds many values to it. There is a number of solutions that you can use on your windows. But one of the best window solutions that you can go for is plantation shutters.

    As you may wish to know, plantation shutters, in simple terms, are like window blinds but have wide louvers or slats made of wood. They might be a little expensive, but the values they provide are worth it all.

    1. Wood is good

    As they are made of wood, plantation shutters provide the perfect heat and sound insulation to your rooms. The wooden shutters prove to be very useful in the winter as they create a barrier against the cold outside and help in keeping the room warm. With the barriers on, you can have the room heated up even with your room heater running at normal temperatures. With the windows open and the shutters closed, you can have a cool and airy room in the summers. Wood absorbs sound and hence the wooden barrier of the shutters helps in keeping the noise out so that you can live and sleep in peace.

    2. A more private and secure home

    The plantation shutters can prove to be very helpful in making your home a little more private and secure. Once closed, the shutters will not let anyone spy on whatever is going on inside your home. You can also open the shutters partially in certain angles so that the air can come inside but nobody can look inside your home. The shutters are made of good quality wood so these make your windows strong too. Breaking in your home through a window will not be easy with the shutters on them.

    3. Limited maintenance and easy cleaning

    The plantation shutters are made of good timber which makes them very durable and hence, they can last for many years. The wood is very well treated with chemicals and paints and hence, is termite resistant, so you don’t need to worry about termites eating up the wooden shutters. The wide louvers or slats make cleaning the shutters an easy task. A wipe of moist cloth can make the shutters shine like new.

    Unlike blinds, dust and dirt do not stick to the wooden shutters. The dirt sticking or depositing on the windows can be welcoming sign for dust mites which can be problematic for Asthma patients and others with breathing issues. But with the shutters, there is no problem with dust deposits.

    4. Add value to your property

    With all the advantages that plantation shutters provide, they are very popular and are widely in use all over the world. And as they are permanent solutions to your windows and hence cannot be removed like the temporary solutions, they add value to your property. Being popular worldwide, the homes with plantation shutters attract buyers. Crucial buyers usually pay more for homes with good window and door solutions, and with the plantation shutters on your windows, you certainly can gain high values for your property.

    A one-time investment of the plantation shutters on windows of your home makes your home safe, cuts off the electricity bills and adds value to your property. Though the shutters may cost a little higher, the long durability and all other advantages make it suitable for that. So, the next time when you have to choose window solutions or give someone a suggestion about them, you know you would be picking on the plantation shutters.

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