• 6 Signs to Know it’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

    Replace Your Garage Door

    Garage doors are meant to help make your life a little easier, not be a complete and total inconvenience. However, few homeowners take the time to replace their doors or even invest in a little garage door repair until they’re dealing with a total breakdown or something that’s completely falling apart.

    Your garage door is one of the first things people see when they approach your home, and so you want to make sure you’re giving off the best first impression. But that can be a bit difficult when your door barely lifts up and looks like it’s been through a hurricane. Rather than waiting until the last minute, recognising the warning signs that your garage is on its last legs can help you keep your home in prime condition. Here are just some of the signals your door is sending you that it’s time to think about a replacement today.


    While you certainly can’t expect that your garage door will fly open the very moment you hit the button, you shouldn’t have to wait there for more than a few seconds before you’re able to pull into your garage. A slow and strained opening speed can be a sign of trouble with the motor and it is one of the first signs you’ll be able to easily recognise.

    Strange Noises

    Another clear sign that your garage door is on the way out will be the noise it makes as it opens and closes. While some lighter grinding might just mean that you need a bit of garage door repair, when you start noticing screeching, crunching, or banging, then it’s time to start thinking about getting an entirely new system. Remember that a perfectly functioning and high-quality door won’t make much noise at all, so don’t try to explain it away.

    Concerns About Safety

    Have you noticed that your garage door doesn’t seem to shut all the way, even though there’s nothing blocking it? Or, perhaps, you’ve had multiple moments where the garage door doesn’t stop when someone runs out underneath it. Your garage door is meant to help protect your home, not be a security hazard. When you begin to notice that your garage door is more of a risk than an advantage, you need to start thinking about finding a replacement.


    Garage doors are designed to take the brunt of daily life, including a few bangs from cars getting too close to kids throwing basketballs a little too roughly. However, as time goes on, the durability of these doors begins to fade and you can find that even the smallest ding can cause extensive and serious damage. When your door starts to weaken, it’s incredibly important that you find a replacement team, as this could allow for more serious problems, such as break-ins, and the last thing you want is a big, gaping hole in the middle of your door.

    Style and Appearance

    Your garage door is a main feature of the exterior of your home, and so it goes without saying that you want it to look amazing each and every time you pull up the driveway. Unfortunately, an old and dented door will be a guaranteed eye-catcher, but for all the wrong reasons. When you invest in a brand new door replacement, you can rest assured knowing that it will help give your home the well-maintained aesthetic you’ve been aiming for and will last you for years to come.

    Energy Efficient

    Finally, have you suddenly started noticing that the electric bills in your home are consistently rising but have no idea why? Your garage door very well may be your culprit. When garage doors start to fail, they’ll need to pull more energy from your system to get those doors up all the way. Additionally, when your door doesn’t completely shut, it will allow outside air to get in while releasing your temperature-controlled air back out, forcing your heating and cooling system to work overtime to keep your home at the perfect temperature. Being energy efficient is more important than ever before, so consider the role your garage door is playing.

    Your garage door is, without a doubt, one of the most important features of your home, and so making sure you’re able to get it the garage door repair and replacement it needs right away will be incredibly important. Keep these warning signs in mind, and be ready to find a garage door expert near you today.

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