• How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh for the Longest Time

    Flowers can light up a room and make us happy. Unfortunately, many people don’t buy them because they don’t know how to keep them blooming. Here are useful tips to help you keep flower arrangements fresh for a long time.

    1. Handle with care

    The care of flowers starts when you get them from the florist. Watch how you transport them from the florist to your home.

    Put a rubber band around the stems to ensure flowers stay put in a bunch. You could also wrap a wet towel or paper around your flower stems to keep them moist when transporting them from the florist.

    Be gentle when unpacking your flowers. Any bruising of stems or blooms will compromise your flowers ability to flourish and look good.

    flowers fresh

    2. Equipment and tools to care for flowers

    The containers you choose for your flowers such as vases or pots should be clean. Wash them before you put any flowers inside to get rid of any residue or lingering bacteria from previous flower arrangements.

    You may need a couple of vases to avoid jamming flowers in a single container. When you have a big bunch of flowers such as tulips, spread them out in different vases to give them space to bloom comfortably and get access to enough water.

    The type of vase you put your flowers in also matters. For example, hourglass vases show off round blooms such as roses and peonies best.

    Sometimes you just want to have a single carnation on display, and a long, narrow vase works well. Over time you will learn how to choose the right vase for your flowers.

    Keep separate tools for cutting your flower arrangements. Ideal tools for cutting flower stems are clippers or gardening shears. Make sure they are always sharp to help you make clean cuts on stems without struggling.

    3. Space to display your flowers

    Although you want to showcase your flowers in the best way possible, keep in mind that where you place them will affect how long they stay fresh. Consider the following when placing your flower arrangements;

    • Direct sunlight and heat will cause flower arrangements to dry up fast. It’s advisable to keep your cut flowers in a cool area.
    • If you love placing flowers in front of a window, consider putting some window film on this area. The window film will cut down on the heat and light intensity and keep your flowers from drying out.
    • Some places like the top of televisions, close to radiators, beneath ceiling fans, or by heating and cooling vents are not suitable for flower arrangements because they will dehydrate easily.
    • Anywhere you find lots of cigarette smoke, aerosol fumes, exhaust fumes, and other strong smells is bad for flowers. A cool and airy place is ideal.
    • Some natural gases such as those released by ripening fruit and vegetables age flowers. So, although a vase of flowers looks delightful next to a bowl of fruit, it’s not a great place to keep your flowers when you want them to stay fresh for longer.

    4. Water and food for your flower arrangements

    Water is essential for flowers to remain bright and appealing. You don’t need to change the water in your vase every day, but do it every two to three days to keep it clean for the flowers.

    Find out if your flowers stay fresher in warm water or cold water. Flowers like tulips and bulbs are better in cold water. Generally, room temperature water is excellent for most flowers.

    You can also extend the lifespan and appearance of your cut flowers with flower food. It contains ingredients that keep the water pH ideal for flowers to stay fresh. It also prevents bacterial growth.

    5. The right way to cut flowers

    The way you cut your flowers will determine how they absorb water. Instead of cutting the stems straight across, make 45-degree angle cuts.

    Diagonally cutting flower stems creates a broad surface from which they can take up water. It also helps to keep the flowers standing on point in the vase.

    Cut your flowers just before you put them in water. Laying them outside after cutting the stems, will cause them to start sealing up and compromise their ability to take up water.

    Also, snap off any foliage from your flowers that may touch the water surface in a vase. Leaves get soggy in water and cause bacteria to grow, which causes flowers to wilt fast.

    6.  Know your flowers

    Some flowers require more care than others. For example, Hydrangeas quickly lose their perkiness if you do not get them into some water as soon as possible.

    Tulips adore light, and they often grow towards it. Keeping them in the dark will wilt them fast.

    Try not to put daffodils with other flowers. They release a substance that causes other flowers in a vase to wilt fast. Marigolds can also have the same effect on other types of flowers in an arrangement.

    Some flowers also look good together in an arrangement than others. For example, carnations pair well with daisies as do roses with lilies.

    Being aware of the characteristics of different flowers will help you make amazing arrangements that will look beautiful and stay fresh for longer.

    Things you can add to water to keep flower arrangements fresh

    There are things you can add to water to maintain the freshness of your flowers for longer.  Try these suggestions to see what works to keep your flowers fresh.

    • Soda

    Use a quarter cup of lime soda or any clear soda to keep your flowers fresh. The sugar in the soda will make your flowers smell sweeter and stay fresh longer.

    • Vinegar sugar water

    Mix some sugar and white vinegar in your flower water. The vinegar stops bacterial growth while the sugar nourishes the flowers.

    • Vodka

    If you have vodka or any clear spirit in your home, you can use it to enhance the lifespan of your cut flowers. The vodka will stop the release of ethylene, which may cause them to wilt faster.

    • Put flowers in the fridge

    Before you go to bed, put your flowers in the refrigerator and set it to cool and not freezing temperatures. Remember to keep the flowers away from veggies and fruit as they release ethylene which will age your flowers. Your flowers will stay fresh for many days.

    • Copper penny

    You may think it’s old folklore to keep copper pennies in a water vase, but it works. The copper fights any bacterial growth by acidifying the water.

    Keep in mind that copper coins in your flower water may cause blooms to open up quickly, but that only makes your flowers look more beautiful.


    Flowers are a great way to brighten a home and uplift your mood. You can use these tips and tricks to keep flowers fresh for longer any time you cut or buy some for your home. You can also enjoy flowers from a special occasion such as an anniversary dinner for longer by using these tips.

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