• Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trends

    Kitchen cabinet hardware trends improve every year both in design and in the material.  Kitchen hardware trends are sometimes overlooked but they play an equally important role as designing of kitchen. Cabinet knobs, handles, hinges, etc. are important factors to be considered while designing the kitchen. Some of the kitchen cabinet hardware trends are described below:

    Kitchen Cabinet

    Stainless Pulls

    The most popular trend now a day is to use slim stainless pulls instead of knobs which make your kitchen look more elegant and stylish. They are available in various kinds of shapes i.e. vertical, horizontal, straight and curved. Stainless pulls are basically made for modern kitchen designs but if your kitchen is traditional or outdated then replacing stainless pulls with knobs would not be a good idea.

    Whimsical Knobs

    Whimsical knobs are also known as “artsy knobs”. They are available in various sizes, style, shapes, and colors. The best thing about these knobs is that they are available in almost every type of shape or related to that shape you want. They will also add a sense of fun in your kitchen but sometimes they may look odd in your kitchen. They are the best option for “butler’s pantry”.

    Chef Pulls

    Chef pulls are also known as “bar pulls”. As the name suggests, they are used in restaurants or restaurant based design kitchens. most of the kitchen designs include lengthy drawers with long horizontal stainless pulls that are almost equal in length of the drawer. The main advantage of these pulls is that you can take out any utensil from the drawer without taking your eyes off from the stove. They are the best option for modern and simple kitchens.

    Vintage Glass Knobs

    Vintage glass knob is also known as “faux vintage”. If you want to update your traditional kitchen cabinets; vintage glass knob is a perfect choice. They are available in clear or colored glass and in various shapes, shades, and styles. These knobs will definitely bring the focus of anyone to your kitchen cabinets.

    If you select a matching knob, it will surely turn your cabinets into a work of art. They will surely add a touch of formality or sparkle. Also, glass knobs are most often less costly than large handles and also it gets installed easily and quickly. But the main problem these knobs is that is not easy to clean.

    Bin Pulls

    Bins pulls are also known as “cup pulls”. Bin pulls are the most popular trend for simple and vintage kitchens. they are the best option if you have shaker style cabinets in your kitchen because shakers utilize wood pegs made from cherry, pine or maple to maintain minimalism. They look modest and clean with small knobs for cabinet doors.

    Also always choose these knobs according to the color of cabinets because they do not match with every color. The biggest advantage of these knobs is that they are easy to clean and easily blend with various cabinet styles. They are also available in almost endless finishes. They are the best option if your kitchen drawers are heavy because these are workable and strong pulls.

    Back Plates

    Backplates are kind of knobs with a back piece that remains flat against the door. The biggest advantage of the back plate is that they protect the finish from scratches.  It also provides a significant feel to the knob. They are best for Mediterranean, Tuscan, Asian and traditional style based kitchens. Back plates do not get clean properly often and also back plates cost more.

    Window Sash Pulls

    Window sash pulls are the mixture of colonial and arts and crafts and are available in various finishes. Window sash pulls are the most suitable options for traditional, colonial, country or vintage based design kitchen.

    The most popular window sash pulls are the black ones because they fit with black appliances and lighting. Also, it is not necessary that knob should match with every finish of your kitchen, you can also mix things up to give your kitchen stylish looks. But be careful in case of hinges because the knobs and hinges on the same door should be synchronized so one does not diminish from the other. The biggest advantage of window sash pulls is that they are easy to grip. But their main problem is that you will need a firm grip to open cabinet doors.

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