• Top 10 Ways to Revamp Your Wall Décor Style!

    wall art ideas

    Generally, when we think about renovating our homes, we overlook the importance of wall decoration items. When it’s about walls, we only put thoughts in the paint and don’t go beyond that. The truth is that we are literally missing all the fun of playing with the various wall décor products. Be it a living room, bedroom, or dining room, walls are always the focal point. One must know that when the wall accessories are placed in an appropriate manner, visitors are instantly drawn towards them.

    If you own a big, windowless wall, then it can be the perfect canvas for the artist inside you. Never waste that blank space, and with your inventiveness, do something innovative.

    You can bestow on any space an invigorating façade by following some basic wall art ideas.

    Elegant sconces:

    You can dress up even the tiniest areas, like an entryway or nook, with a little bit of glint. You can utilize ornamental sconces to add some bling to the dull walls.

    Kitchen art gallery:

    That’s true; even your kitchen needs some sprucing up. All you need to do is print your favourite pictures and put them in a simple but elegant frame, and after that, all you need to do is hang them on the sidewall of your kitchen. You can try varying height patterns in order to get an art gallery in your own kitchen.

    Screenprint art:

    This will give your walls a cool texture with a pop of rocking vogue. You can try a faux screenprint, which will bring some quirkiness to any space. For more details, you can search for screen-printed wall decor.

    Coffee filter art:

    Yes, you heard it right. You can actually find artistic inspiration in everyday items. Make use of dye-coffee filters and simply place them in any random pattern on your wall with glue; this will provide a dramatic flower appearance.

    Paper cut-outs:

    You won’t believe it, but it’s true that you can fabricate some inspiring patterns with paper and create a wall decoration with paper. Just cut out some intricate designs and paste them on top of other coloured paper, and just hang them on your walls. It will even offer a 3D effect.

    Framed paintings:

    Try giving an old painting a contemporary spin with a multi-frame application. Or just get some new wall decor paintings. You can choose any type you want, like abstract or just a horse running in a field.

    Rustic baskets:

    Want to embellish your staircase wall?…then hang pastoral wood and wire baskets.

    Photo collage wallpaper:

    Utilize your family photos to create a tailor-made wallpaper design. But, yes, getting some designer photo frames is a great idea.

    Decorative plates:

    There are a lot of dinner sets that we have stopped using, so why just throw them away? Instead, embellish your walls with them. You can even write some quotes on them, just to display your thoughts of the day. Even some designer plates are available online as wall design accessories.

    Basket wall art:

    For this, all you require are some authentic baskets, painter’s tape, and a bottle of spray paint. Just spray the paint on the baskets and see the magic. They’ll look enticing enough to be hung on your walls with elegance. This will make your walls a canvas and these baskets will be pictures that you have painted on them. This will certainly yield some beautiful results. If you aren’t a DIY person, then buying some cool wall-hanging décor items is also a good idea.

    Now you have some amazing wall décor ideas to embellish your barren walls. You can be as creative as you want and go for some metal wall décor like wall clocks or choose wall décor products, including wall art. Explore your inventiveness, be colorful, and it’ll become the easiest task for you to update your wall accessories with various wall accents.

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