• Top 5 Home Trends For 2020

    In this post, we will discuss the top 5 home trends for 2020. You’ll learn everything you need, whether you’re relocating to a new home or redesigning the one you’re currently in.

    If you are moving to a new location, this is a great guide to follow as well.  It will help you to be on the lookout for the perfect new home that is already modern and stylish and requires less work to move into.

    Let’s get started on the amazing trends we’re seeing so far this year!

    Kitchen Cabinets

    This year, we are seeing a lot with kitchen cabinet styles.  Modern colors such as various shades of green, reds and blues are perfect for adding a contemporary and stylish flair to your kitchen.  Additionally, solid colors serve as an accent and work well with both decorative patterns and minimal accents as well.

    We’re also seeing that home owners are paying more attention to their appliances.  In this sense, home owners are modernizing the look of their kitchen and opting for stainless steel appliances instead of cheaper variations.

    Adding a fresh update to your kitchen cabinets is a surefire way to update the look of your entire home.

    Gray and White

    Gray and white is still hot in 2020.  We’re seeing neutral gray finishes on hardwood flooring as well as white and gray in cabinetry, upholstery, walls and accents.

    Gray lends an airy and open feel in your home and living spaces.  Additionally, it is modern and inviting.  By choosing a gray and white palette in your home, you simply can’t go wrong.

    Interesting Accents

    We’re seeing a lot of interesting accents and personalization throughout the home this year.  Whether it’s a creative layout in your rooms or textured rugs and pillows, interesting accents serve as a focal point.  Additionally, accents can keep the flow of everything in your home and keep the eyes moving from one thing to the next.

    Greenville Movers and Busy Beez Movers have noticed more interesting personalized wall and furniture accents.  Whether it’s a hammock in your living space, large candle votives set on the floors, or anything else, there’s something for everyone in 2020.

    Beautiful Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

    Bathrooms are getting more attention this year.  And we’re very excited, to say the least.  Bathrooms and powder rooms are being styled with white vanities, antique mirrors and marble to add a feminine and modern look.

    In addition to this, bathroom spaces are being revamped in a way to feel more comfortable and inviting.  This look is achieved through colors, texture, lighting and modern layouts.

    Backyard Areas

    Your backyard is a great place for entertaining, grilling and gathering with family and friends.  NJ demolition contractors, N. Vitale Disposal Inc. is seeing great changes in the way we treat our outdoor spaces.

    Adding a fire pit, interesting stone pathways or a koi pond to your outdoor space will make it more inviting.  Additionally, paying more attention to your backyard will help make it a more interesting place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine.

    Consider adding beautiful landscaping to your yard as well.  This will contribute to the overall beauty and serenity of the environment.


    These 5 home trends for 2020 are certainly not going away.  They are modern things you can do to update any home you’re in.

    Additionally, you’ll immediately feel more happy and drawn to your new, modernized living space.  This, as you know, is the most important thing.

    Everyone wants to love their home and be comfortable living in it.  Additionally, we all want a home we are proud of.  These five trends will help you get into the home of your dreams.

    We hope you enjoyed this post, and good luck redecorating your home.

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