• Tips on Keeping the Carpet Clean

    Having a carpet on your floors has many advantages over bare flooring, including muffling the sounds and keeping the warmth in the colder months.

    Even though carpets have many advantages, there is one thing about them which is certainly not as fun: they get dirty and they are not as easy to clean as hardwood or tile floors.

    We asked Castle Keepers of Greenville for insight into their carpet cleaning techniques and tricks, especially in the heavily used areas, such as the hall.

    Prevention Is the Best Medicine

    Before you consider cleaning your carpet, you should think of ways you can minimize dirt collection, especially in the areas which are often used. One of the things you can do is put a more robust mat which will collect the dirt from the shoes of the people who walk into your home.

    Another simple way you can reduce dirt collection is by asking people to take off their shoes. Even though it is not that common, it is very effective. Keep in mind that you should have some kind of slippers or other replacement for the people who want it, especially in the colder part of the year.

    Try Baking Soda for Freshness

    If you have a habit of reading articles about cleaning online, chances are that you have encountered cleaning solutions with baking soda quite often. That’s because this substance is highly reactive and can do a lot to clean your home.

    Simply pour some baking soda on the dirty carpet, leave it to react for a while and then vacuum it out. Not only will it get rid of the dirt which has accumulated after a while, but it will also add to the feeling of freshness. If you really want to enhance this, some people suggest adding some etheric oils to the baking soda.

    Soap and Water May Be Enough

    If your carpet is not too dirty and only needs a bit of cleaning, you may simply clean it with some soap and water. Pick a laundry detergent which is suitable for the material your carpet is made of and you should have no problems.

    In order to make your cleaning as effective and quick as possible, first vacuum the carpet to remove the bigger particles and similar debris. Dissolve the detergent in some (preferably warm) water and spray it on the carpet.

    Most cleaning professionals suggest not soaking your carpet, as it will not be able to dry properly. Cleaning the carpet is best done with a brush, like a nail brush. Circular motions are suggested, as they are the least likely to interfere with the natural weave of your carpet.

    Use a damp cloth to ensure that any excess detergent has been removed, and finally, use a dry cloth or a towel to dry the area completely.

    Dry Cleaning Is Always an Option

    If you don’t want to or don’t have time to bother with cleaning your own carpets, there is always the option of getting them dry cleaned. Not only is it a very simple way to get your carpet shiny and sparkly new, but it also requires very little effort on your part.

    However, dry cleaning a carpet can be quite expensive, especially for bigger carpets. Coupled with the fact that you will have to remove everything from the room in order to get your carpet out of the room, it becomes less viable as a regular cleaning method and should probably be reserved for something like spring cleaning.

    Keeping your carpet clean can be quite a chore, but there are many benefits that compel people to keep it in their homes.

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