• How to Make a Weekly Cleaning Schedule That Works

    f you are a homeowner, you probably know the perpetual annoyance at the constant cleaning. If the furniture is clean, there’s laundry to be done. If the laundry is done, the house requires dusting; or vacuuming; or any number of other tasks.

    However, if you organize yourself, you can achieve quite a lot without tiring yourself too much. These tips are coming directly from cleaning experts at Castle Keepers Atlanta, people capable of cleaning the whole house in a matter of hours. Here’s what they recommend.

    Planning First

    Simply put, a good plan is worth more than days of chaotic and random cleaning. Split the home into areas – living area, sleeping area, food area, and bathroom area. This way, you’re separating different tasks and making it easier to group them or split them into different days.

    Most cleaning experts will tell you to split everything into five or six days – leave at least one day without any chores in order to rest and not grow resentful of the plan too quickly. Write down all of your chores on a list and then you will know what you are dealing with.

    How to Split the Tasks

    Naturally, all of the cleaning tasks are to be shared equally between all the members of the household according to their abilities and affinities.

    A person who really enjoys doing the dishes should be allowed to continue doing the dishes, whereas a person with a bad back should probably avoid vacuuming or other tasks which require bending over too much.

    Here’s an example of a schedule which you can use or modify for your own needs. This plan exemplifies a typical household without any specific tasks (like cat owners cleaning the litter box or homes with pools requiring skimming every day).

    Living Spaces Tasks

    The first day of cleaning can be focused on the living space – the living room, kitchen and the dining room (of those two are separate).

    There are a few basic tasks which need to be done each week in these shared spaces – which is vacuuming (especially the carpeted areas), dusting the furniture and cleaning the windows in these areas.


    The least favorite area to clean for most people is the bathroom. However, it does need to be done, so it’s better to be done early in the week, while you still have some enthusiasm.

    Bathroom cleaning is fairly simple on the face of it. Disinfecting the sinks, counters and toilets is the biggest task, but it can take as little as an hour from start to finish.

    Apart from the big tasks, there are some smaller ticket items which you can tick off, too. For instance, taking out the trash from the bathroom, washing off the soap buildup from the sink and bath/shower, and sweeping the floors.


    If you designate one day for washing, ironing, and folding all of your laundry, you can remove the stress of multiple days of laundry with different days for folding and ironing, causing clutter.

    This plan can only work if you don’t have young children, because they tend to go through clothes incredibly quickly.


    Bedrooms tend to be quickest and easiest to clean, which is why experts recommend fitting between two fairly difficult days – laundry and kitchen cleaning. Most people are happy with vacuuming the room, changing the sheets and putting away any clutter from the bedroom. You can also do some dusting and window washing, although most people consider window washing a weekly task.

    The Kitchen

    Finally, your kitchen is a fairly important part of the house and requires quite a lot of maintenance. This is where a lot of spills and food preparation happen, which means that it needs to be clean.

    Make sure to clean all of the counters and the floors thoroughly, but also don’t forget to do the dishes (which is more of an everyday task). Every once in a while, you should also clean your appliances as well, although that’s not a weekly task.

    This is a rough plan for splitting the tasks according to the rooms, but you can make any other division. As long as you stick to it, home cleaning will be a bit easier.

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