• Interior Decor Secrets: 7 Creative Uses for Decorative Window Film

    One of the best-kept secrets of the interior decorating industry is the use of decorative window film for a variety of applications. Window film is often used to keep out the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, with a little creativity, a person will find that this film is extremely versatile.

    Etched Glass film can offer eye-catching texture or a beguiling pop of color to a room, transforming it from mundane to modern. It can offer privacy and create an ambiance that makes the interior design of a room or office more cohesive. Read below for seven creative uses for decorative window film.

    Use it on Ground-Floor Windows

    Windows allow light into a room, making it bright and inviting. However, where there is a window, there are onlookers. Homeowners can use decorative window film to create an attractive patterned accent on their first-floor windows. With the addition of an eye-catching window film, they will increase their privacy and create a unique look for their home decor.

    Add Some Window Art

    Window films typically mimic the look of etched glass. However, there are some films that feature a variety of colors, giving decorators an unlimited number of artistic options. For example, they can use window film to create a mosaic on the glass. This design filters the room’s light through a bright range of mesmerizing colors.

    Liven Up the Glass Window Panes

    Many modern homes and office spaces feature glass panes that separate rooms. A person can use decorative window film to add an attractive design to the glass in their office. Using this film in an office space reinforces the company’s branding and gives it a contemporary look. When a person uses this film at home, they can create a design centerpiece by adding texture or a pop of color to their interior design.

    Create Contemporary Shower Privacy

    Many updated shower designs feature a glass door instead of traditional curtains. However, these glass doors are transparent, which can pose a problem for people who don’t live alone. Homeowners can use decorative glass film to add a modern and eye-catching design to their glass shower doors that also provides them with some added privacy.

    Update the Sidelights

    Most homes feature sidelights on their front door. While these sidelights brighten up a home, they also invite those passing by to peak into their private abode. Decorative window film can provide homeowners with privacy while giving them an opportunity to add some personality to their home decor. This window film can be made to feature a design element that matches their established aesthetic, such as a charming contemporary pattern or a colorful accent.

    Create the Perfect Newborn Nursery

    One of the most enjoyable parts of preparing for a new baby is designing the baby’s room. Expecting parents can use decorative window film to shield the room from receiving too much light, particularly while the baby is sleeping. This film can be made to match the nursery decor with a fitting pattern, such as an animal or balloon. It can also feature a color like pink or blue, which will shower the room in tinted light when the sun shines through the window.
    Use the Film on Windowed Cabinet Doors

    Many old farmhouse designs feature cabinets with glass windows. Homeowners can both add an attractive design to their cabinets and shield the contents of them from view by adding a patterned decorative window film. If a pattern won’t fit the interior design, then using a simple frosted glass film will give the cabinets a classy look.

    Summing It Up

    Decorative window film is a versatile addition to a person’s home or office decor. Not only does it provide an extra level of privacy, but it can also be an eye-catching design accent that ties the room together. With a little creativity and some high-quality window film, a person can design a room that is truly inspiring.


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