• 5 Interesting Ways to Revamp Your Living Room This Winter

    Living Room This Winter

    As the weather gets cooler and the daylight hours fade, it’s easy to get the winter doldrums. Those living in the north start getting cabin fever after winter storms blanket everything in snow and ice. Rather than go stir crazy from being cooped up inside, consider using the time indoors to redecorate your home interior! Check out these five interesting ways to revamp your living room this winter.

    1. Make the most of the time indoors

    Spring cleaning is a curious concept, as it’s a time of year when people are aching to spend time outside again. Start your winter decorating efforts and get an early start on spring cleaning by decluttering your home. Use the slower pace of the colder months to take a thorough look inside after months of non-stop outdoor activity.

    If you’re the type to embrace the season with lots of decoration, make sure you’re starting with a clean slate before adding wintry touches inside your home. Carefully pack and label everyday decorative items to avoid the clutter of the added winter decorations. If you’re planning on making this a permanent change, get your old items out of the way by donating them or listing them on a sale site.

    2. Go warm

    If finding home remodelers for a major renovation isn’t in the plan, consider playing around with decor to give your living room a winter facelift. If you lean toward the neutral side with decor, winter is the time to play around with color.

    Consider adding pops of color with a wine red, deep teal or any other rich color. Comfort is the name of the game with winter decorating to offset the cold, stark outdoors. Think soft accent pillows and warm, cozy throws; there’s nothing like cuddling up on the couch with a good book or movie in the middle of a snowstorm. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider adding a small interior rug to your living room. Have fun experimenting; you can even add faux fur to evoke a ski-lodge feel.

    3. Think beyond outdoor lights

    The bright spots of waning daylight hours are the homes with twinkle lights strung outside. Decorated homes make dark commutes a little more palatable—you almost forget that it was dark when you left for work and twilight on your commute home!

    Bring the cozy feeling of soft lights indoors and play around with the living room lighting. Create a candle centerpiece by placing pillars of different shapes and sizes on your coffee table or line your mantel with tea lights. You’ll be hard-pressed not to curl up on your sofa and snuggle under a cozy throw to come down from a stressful day in the soft glow of candlelight.

    If candles aren’t your thing, consider adding strings of fairy lights to give your living room an ethereal glow. Available in a large range of lengths and sizes, tiny white twinkle lights are the perfect way to beat the winter blahs.

    4. Bring the outdoors inside

    Not everyone is a fan of winter sport or the cold, for that matter, which is why a great way to dress up your living room is to incorporate greenery. This doesn’t mean you need to hang wreaths everywhere, but purposefully-draped garland can evoke a winter wonderland inside.

    While evergreen boughs are most common, play around with different hearty greens for a unique touch to your living room decor. Get creative with pinecones, small branches, vines, and dried fruits; all of these items help evoke a rustic, outdoorsy feeling.

    5. Appeal to the senses

    You’ve added soft pillows and cozy throws that ooze comfort and beg you to batten down and snuggle in. Soft living room lighting creates a warm and inviting space, perfect for shaking off the stresses of work and the cold outdoors. Consider adding a little aromatherapy to your living room this winter.

    You don’t have to invest in a bevy of essential oils, although adding a diffuser to your living room may be the perfect way to enhance comfort through gentle smells. When choosing your garland, work with your local nursery to find earthy greens that appeal to your senses. Think outside the box and utilize herbs such as rosemary to create both a stunning visual and a fragrant smell.

    Cinnamon sticks, cloves, and cedar—all of these natural items possess scents that evoke warm and cozy feelings. Shake off the doldrums by adding vibrant citrus aromatics to your living room. Make your candles do double-duty by carefully choosing scents to enhance the ambiance of your living room.

    While a living room addition or remodel is slated for a couple of years down the road, that doesn’t mean you have to put comfort and aesthetics on hold. By changing accent colors and lighting, you can thoroughly transform your living room into a cozy respite from the harsh winter cold.

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