• Important Information To Help Keep Your Pool Pest Free This Summer!

    If you have a Fibreglass Swimming Pool and plan to take a refreshing swim, you will be frustrated if you find it full of pests. Being bitten by mosquitoes is a problem many pool owners would have faced. Where there is water, there are likely to be insects and many other pests. One more pest that can cause trouble for you is algae that can grow in the pool, causing problems.

    Not only are pests irritating, they can even be dangerous. Mosquitoes spread diseases like dengue and malaria. Swimming in algae-infested water can be bad for your skin. This is why you need to take measures to keep your pool pest-free. The article explains different ways in which you can get rid of pests from your pool.

    Get your pool treated chemically

    One of the easiest ways to rid pools of pests is to get it chemically treated. Chemical treatment ensures that the pests are killed by the chemicals. These chemicals are chosen in such a way that they are not harmful to humans. Also, the smell of chemicals makes pests avoid the pool. For instance, when you get chemical treatment for the swimming pool, mosquitoes don’t lay eggs near the pool. This is beneficial and keeps your pool safe from pests. Chemical treatment is also helpful in completely removing algae from the pool.

    Ensure there is no stagnant water in the area

    Stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes. Apart from water in the pool, water splashes around the pool can cause stagnant water to collect. If you have shrubs or plants in the pool area, water can stagnate there. Mosquitoes and other pests lay their eggs in such water. It is important to keep the pool area clean. This will ensure stagnant water is removed to prevent pests from breeding.

    Spray the pool area

    Preventive measures are always better than getting rid of pests after they cause an infestation. Getting your pool area sprayed with chemicals ensures pests won’t breed there. This preventive spraying will last for a long time and you don’t need to worry about pests. You can get the spraying done by a professional pest control agency. If you are concerned about the chemicals used, you can prepare a spray yourself. You can use citronella to create a spray at home. This spray is natural and safe for your pets and humans. Regular spraying of the pool area will help keep your pool pest-free.

    Skim to get rid of dead pests

    Dead pests floating on the surface of your swimming pool make your pool look unattractive. They are also unhygienic. Summertime is when there are more pests in your pool area. Dead pests on the pool need to be removed. You can get a net to skim the dead insects from the pool surface. You may need to do this frequently during summer. In case any insects get into the pool, the filtration system will get rid of them. You can also consider getting a pool cover to prevent dead insects from falling into the pool.

    Landscaping needs to be managed well

    Most people use landscaping to make their pool area look pleasant. Plants and trees in your pool area keep the place cool. Plants attract insects and other pests and they can get into your pool. To solve this problem, trim shrubs and plants. Also, get rid of branches hanging loose over your pool. Remove dead leaves from the plants. All these help in managing your landscape better so you can keep the area pest-free.

    Use insect traps

    If you have too many insects, then it’s time to get an insect trap. You can keep insect traps in the area around your pool. One of the best types of insect traps is the zapper. This is a device that has UV light in it. The light attracts the insects and they get into the device. Once they get in, they will be electrically zapped and killed. This is a good way to kill mosquitoes and other pests.

    Keep lights at a minimum

    Insects are attracted to lights. If you have pool lighting, the chances of mosquitoes flocking around your pool area are high. Avoid excess pool lighting. Switch on the lights only when necessary. You need to especially remove any UV lights, as they attract pests. Switch over to LED lights, as they do not attract pests as much as other types of lights.

    Maintain the pool well

    Proper pool maintenance can help prevents pests and algae. One such maintenance method is to brush the pool walls and floor regularly. Use a good-quality brush and brush the walls and floor at least twice a week. This will keep the area clean and prevent algae from growing. Any algal spores will be brushed off the surface and removed by the filtration system.

    Protect yourself from pests

    While using the pool, protect yourself from pests like mosquitoes. This is needed, especially for kids who can get bitten badly by mosquitoes. You can use a mosquito repellent cream before getting into the pool. Look for a natural cream product that keeps away mosquitoes and prevents the risk of dengue and other diseases.

    Starve the pests of food

    Pests flourish when they find food easily. One of the best sources of food for pests is scrap food around your pool. When you have pool parties, food particles lying around are common. Kids love to spend time near the pool, and they invariably spill food or snacks. All these are sources of food for pests, allowing them to flourish. Keep your pool area clean and free of food particles. This ensures pests don’t get anything to eat. Garden waste also offers food to pests, so get rid of it regularly.

    All these measures can help you ensure your pool remains free of pests this summer. Have an enjoyable experience using your pool by getting rid of pesky pests. You can try out all these measures on your own to be pest-free.

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