• Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget


    So you’ve finally taken the plunge and decided on a swimming pool for your backyard.

    How can you settle on the right one without breaking your bank account in the process?

    There are actually plenty of top-notch pool ideas that fit well on a shoe-string budget. You’d never guess it by the way they look, though.

    This article will look at some of the most cost-efficient ideas that can keep you well under budget.

    Let’s lay the foundation first.

    The single most important areas to address are a pool’s size, shape, and type. Everything else comes later, as this is where the majority of your budget gets decided first.

    Size matters.

    Not everyone has a huge backyard. The smallest of pools are about 26’ long and reach 12’-13’ in width. This ensures that almost anyone can fit a pool in their backyard and still have plenty of room for everything else.

    The size of your pool determines the amount of chemicals you’ll need to purchase in the long run, as well as determine your filtration costs and over installation charges. Smaller pools are cheaper.

    Rectangle isn’t the only shape.

    Rectangle swimming pools are what most people envision when they think of swimming pools. But modern technology allows you to choose your pool in any shape you can imagine.

    There are kidney bean-shaped pools that were wildly in fashion in the 80s, still considered a great shape to have today.

    Then there are lap pools that are simple, and utilitarian. These pools allow swimmers to swim a single lap back and forth and allow little room for anything else.

    Then you have figure 8 pools that are like a number 8 but with a thick middle. These pools provide more swimming area than kidney pools but can cost even less when done correctly.

    There are more types of pools than you think.

    Pools come in concrete, gunite, vinyl, and fibreglass variations.

    fibreglass is definitely your best friend when it comes to budget-friendliness and costs far lesser to maintain in the long run.

    These are more customizable in shape and come with gelcoat coverings that make them more resistant to algae. Less algae translates to less cleaning chemicals needed in the long run which saves you a serious amount of money as well.

    Additionally, Fibreglass Swimming Pools come with their own seatings and stairs unlike other pools. This can save you a pretty penny on construction costs.

    Budget-friendly saltwater systems.

    Saltwater pool systems use salt instead of chlorine to sanitize the water. You will notice a significant difference when swimming and many people experience lesser chemical irritation on their skin and hair as a result. These systems don’t require traditional chemical systems and the pool’s surface lasts longer as a result. These are quickly gaining in popularity for their all-natural appeal.

    LED lights to spruce up your pool deck.

    These are simple additions to your pool that come in any color, and add a festive atmosphere to your pool area. LED lights must be installed during the pool’s construction and can be significantly cheaper than the alternative many use: Floodlighting systems.

    While the installation costs are a bit higher, they quickly end up saving you more money in the long run because of their energy efficiency.

    Shade sails for the perfect canopy.

    Shade sails are as functional as they are attractive. They protect your swimmers from the sun’s harmful rays and prevent your pool from overheating. Keeping your pool cool translates into less evaporation in the long run, which saves a substantial amount of money.

    These are very durable, and come in different colors and sizes so you can choose the perfect one to match your pool’s aesthetics. They’re a great alternative to pergolas.

    Chaise lounges for the classic look.

    The right chaise lounges can make or break your pool area. These are essential to have for the full pool experience.

    The right chaise lounges can make kicking back on a hot summer’s day an absolute delight. Just be sure to select the mildew-resistant kind made out of outdoor fabrics. Otherwise, you end up with lounges that get moldy from all the moisture in the air.

    Organic privacy screens to wall out your pool.

    Privacy screens are a must for any pool area. The simple act of including one can act as a windbreak and reduce the amount of evaporation your pool undergoes.

    A solid, sturdy privacy screen made out of high tensile strength fabrics such as polypropylene and vinyl-coated meshes are durable and long-lasting. But there are simple plants you can scatter around your pool to serve as totally organic screens that bring a little green as well.

    Try planting Norway spruces, Colorado blue spruces, green giant arborvitae, and emerald green amorvitaes to serve as reliable hedges that act as natural privacy screens. They’re low maintenance and perfect for tight spaces.

    Landscaping perfect for all budgets.

    A small pool area can be spruced up with the right landscaping. Waterfalls, jets, and bubblers all add variety to your pool and add a lot of value despite costing very little.

    There are plenty of pots and plants that can do the job just as well as luxury amenities. A vertical garden is easy to make, and serves as a fantastic display next to your pool. You can plant agave, yuccas, and aloe around your pool. Even some well placed trees and bug repellents that act as all-natural shades while providing much required mosquito repellent.

    Envelope your deck with wood chips and toss some palm trees around to make yourself a cozy little oasis.

    River rock coping.

    You can accentuate your pool’s natural appearance by adding a smattering of river rocks around the pool’s borders. They come in plenty of different shapes and sizes and are perfect for a pool’s coping. The surface of these rocks have been made smooth by the flow of river water and are perfect for adding a rustic feel to your budget pool design.

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