• Effective Ways to Clear the Blocked Bathroom Drain

    Everyone in the family faces the bathroom drain blockage problems and in such cases, you need to clear the blockage completely. Soap, hair, even fabric strands and dirt must flow out through the drain. One day you notice the drain becomes sluggish, water drains out slowly and then it stops draining altogether. If you have been facing a blocked drain in your bathroom, then it is almost like a nightmarish situation.

    How do you clear the Blocked Bathroom Drain?

    If a drain is acting sluggish you can take action immediately in order to avoid a situation where it becomes completely blocked. Start with simple solutions. At the initial stage, you can use some DIY methods to clear the blocked bathroom drain, and still if you face the same problems, then you can hire the professionals who can identify the exact blocking area and prevent these blockages permanently.

    • Take off the cover, inspect it and if you see debris, remove them by hand or use a hook to plug out the garbage from your blocked drain. It is suggested to use some tools or hangers for this purpose, because garbage and dirt can easily affect your skin and it can increase your breathing problem too. So always wear gloves and masks while you clean your bathroom drains.
    • Heat water to boiling point and pour it down the drain. Add some vinegar to increase its cleaning and clearing power. Once the drain clears up a bit and flow starts, use a plunger.
    • If the blockage still does not clear up then use a length of coiled spring usually used for curtains. If it has a hook at one end it is so much better. Just push it inside after taking off the cover and wiggle it from side to side. You can also use wire hangers. Straighten the wire and leave a hook at one end. Push, twist and pull.
    • Pour in some hydrogen peroxide or other chemicals such as washing soda or some tiles cleaning acid that should help to clear your blocked bathroom drain.

    Wash out the Garbage from your Bathroom Drains:

    If you have an electric motor pump, hook it up to a water supply and attach a hose with a narrow nozzle and push it inside the drain. Switch on the motor. Water at high pressure will clear stubborn jams. Professional plumbers use similar jetting equipment to clear drains and sewers.

    • You could do the same with a portable air compressor, if you have one for your car. Hook it up to a battery and run the hose inside the clogged drain pipe after removing the cover and stopper. Keep snaking the hose deeper into the blocked bathroom drain in order to clean up as much as you can.
    • If you have a wet vacuum cleaner you can use it to unclog drains. Attach the suction side to the drain, seal the edges around and switch on the machine.

    Bathtubs may have a screw type stopper or a push lock type stopper. If it is the former, remove the screw and the stopper and use a wire hook to remove material that is clogging the drain.

    If none of these methods work it is time to call a professional for blocked bathroom drain cleaning. They have tools and equipment that will tackle even the most severe cases and free you from having to do a messy chore. They can also identify the exact blockage area of your bathroom drains, with their camera, and they can clear the entire blockage permanently. Also they can suggest you the proper maintenance process to prevent these blockages in future.

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