• Easier Way to Clean Up After a Party

    Hosting a house party is one of the rites of passage for teenagers, and a very common activity for many young people. You invite your friends over, they bring their friends, you meet some new people and you all can share some laughs. It’s a great way to vent off, forget about your daily worries and just be silly for a while and have fun like there’s no tomorrow.

    Well, there IS a tomorrow after a night like that when the smoke settles and everyone leaves. You are left with plastic cups scattered all over the place, sticky and muddy floors, and a dominating smell of nicotine and who knows what. It can be a bit overwhelming.

    But there’s nothing to it, you’ve got to clean the house and get it back in functioning order. If you don’t know where to start, we consulted cleaning professionals at MaidThis Denver who gave us the best timeline for home cleaning after a wild party.

    Start with the Party Central

    Or where the ‘’main stage’’ was located. This is a great reference spot to begin the purge. First, you need to pick up all the trash and put it on a designated trash spot. After that, you should do laundry, gather misplaced stuff lying around and put that away, and finally, you can start vacuuming the place.

    Now that you’re done with the initial wave of cleaning you can resume by wiping surfaces and doing the dishes. The next step is reserved for finishing touches; here you can start restoring your room to its previous state and scan for spots you missed in your previous run.

    Clean the Bathroom

    No matter how careful your guests might be, it is really hard to keep the bathroom clean while having a party. The best course of action is to disinfect afterward.

    You absolutely need to do this after 20 or more people have been in and out of the bathroom throughout the evening. Wipe everything inside, from top to bottom.

    Deal with Stains

    Stains are a side effect that can’t be avoided. You have to be prepared to deal with that the following day.

    Whether you used coasters or not, there will be stains from liquids on your table and the best way to fix that is to use a non-gel toothpaste and rub it in with a piece of cloth. You can use white vinegar to clean lipstick stains

    This might be a great motivation to do a deep cleaning of your home. Professional cleaning services are more than happy to basically reinvent your entire house with their deep cleaning skills and equipment.

    Do You Really Have the Energy and Will to Do All This?

    Chances are that you really don’t want to deal with this immediately after the party. Not a problem. If you are hungover or you have some errands to run, you shouldn’t stress yourself about cleaning up the place. There are people who can make this all go away while you are out soaking in vitamin D over a cup of warm coffee, you’d probably need that more than to be stuck in your house cleaning all day.

    Hire a professional cleaning service and let them unburden you. No matter how awesome your party was, all that can be quickly forgotten by this seemingly endless chore of cleaning up the place. The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can just sit back, relax and maybe even finish that can of beer left from the party.

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