• 7 Unique Gift Ideas for an Interior Design Enthusiast

    Gift Ideas for an Interior Design Enthusiast

    We all know someone who watches Queer Eye and fancies themselves as the next Bobby Berk. If someone you know and love is obsessed with everything involving interior design, these are seven gift ideas that are perfect for them this year!

    1. Candlesticks

    Ambient lighting is an essential aspect of interior design, as any enthusiast would surely know. If you want to get into their good books, consider gifting some candles this year. Vintage candlesticks are a great choice, allowing for the practicality of being a light source as well as the beauty of being a design-based gift.

    You can even select colours, sizes, and shapes that best suit your friend’s favourite interior design styles. Mid-century looks are very popular at the moment, and there’s a plethora of candlesticks available in classic mid-century design styles and materials like wood and various precious metals.

    2. Books

    I know we’ve just mentioned good books, but bear with us for this one. Books are always a great gift for anyone, regardless of their interests. Interior design-oriented books are plentiful, allowing your friend to further brush up on their specific favourite style or broaden their design horizons even further. If they adore a specific designer above all else, you can find biographies and collections of their most well-known pieces neatly contained within the covers of a good book.

    Equally, if your loved one has aspirations to enter the interior design world themselves, perhaps a guide book to the industry would be better. A sketch book could also be a very valuable and beneficial gift.

    3. Storage and Organization

    If there’s one thing any interior designer loves, it’s storage. Whether you’re shopping exclusively at IKEA or you’re interested in named designer collections only, storage solutions are essential to a well-designed space. When it comes to giving gifts that fill this void, consider smart storage boxes that compliment a space whilst also providing a much-needed space for all those bits and bobs in life.

    Organization is another key element to designing successfully (sometimes designers need a gentle nudge when it comes to staying organised). Desk tidies, peg boards, and small shelf sets are perfect for maintaining the all-important aesthetic of an interior designer without sacrificing the need to keep things tidy.

    4. Antiques

    Interior designers who know a thing or two about their profession understand that everything works in cycles. What was stylish a hundred years ago is sure to be back in vogue very soon. For this reason, antiques are an important part of well-researched design. Buying an antique doesn’t have to be an exceptionally expensive endeavour, and it’s sure to make your design geek exceptionally ecstatic.

    This is a really great gift idea for anyone who likes a certain style or era. Rococo styles and Belle Époque aesthetics are very highly ornate, making them perfect for someone with a designer’s eye who can really appreciate that sort of thing.

    5. Oil Diffuser

    For designers, it’s safe to say that creating the right atmosphere is a very important part of their job. You can help your own design-oriented loved one make their home a cosy ambient setting where anyone would want to spend their time.

    An oil diffuser is perfect for striking the balance between the senses, being beautiful to behold, and having the massive added benefit of infusing your house with all the best scents you could want. These days, there are oil diffusers made in every colour combination and style that you could think of, so you’re sure to find something that’s spot-on perfect for your loved one. You can also pick some scents to go with it that encapsulate everything you think of when you think of this person.

    6. Art

    Any designer worth their salt loves art in its many forms. If your design-loving friend has a favourite era of design, or even a favourite designer, consider some art relating to that for a perfect gift. Minimalism is the movement of the moment when it comes to interior design, meaning a huge range of simplistic, monochromatic prints of all kinds of design elements that would be perfect for any home.

    Use your friend’s favorite styles to decide what colours and sizes to go with. A single large print can be brilliant, but equally, a range of smaller prints—or even a variety of sizes—are perfect for filling out those smaller spaces that look better with small accents.

    7. Stationery

    Finally, the gift of all gifts (to some people, like me), stationery. Designers have a whole range of essential stationery tools like pens, pencils, special rulers and other great pieces. If the person you love has a deep and abiding understanding and appreciation of all things stationery, then you already know the perfect gift for them.

    Check out some mechanical pencils and brush pens for your favourite designer-in-the-making. They’ll be sure to appreciate the effort you put into getting them a gift that they’ll remember and even make use of time and time again.

    With these gift ideas in mind, there’s no way that you’ll fail when it comes to giving unique and truly loved gifts to your favourite person who’s obsessed with interior design. Which gift would you most like to receive?

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