• What are the Different Choices in Curtains For Your Home?

    Curtains For Your Home

    Choosing curtains for your home can be easy but confusing, as there are multiple types of curtains available these days in different colors, styles, fabrics, and more. A home can look bare and incomplete without curtains, so it is a must. All you need is the right choice of curtains that can blend well with the décor of your home and also cater to the different requirements of a home owner. They tend to add to the finishing touch of a room and make it come ‘alive’ and ‘inviting’. Some knowledge on how to go about choosing the right curtains is always welcome.

    Size taken into consideration:

    A curtain is a reflection of your style, be it a kitchen that is cheerful or an entryway that can be dramatic. You have a choice between the following:

    • Apron Size, which is 84 inches in panel and falls to 4 inches below the sill. This can be considered a foolproof size and can make the space look larger.
    • Floor-sized curtains work out to almost 96 inches on the on the panel, which falls to nearly 25 inches before the floor. This works well for a small space and can provide a polished look.
    • The sill-sized panel works out to 63 inches, falling above the sill, and is apt for windows that are left open most of the time.
    • Puddle-sized curtains are 124 inches long, falling to almost 10 inches extra at the floor. These tend to offer a formal look, which is apt for less traffic.

    Patterns, colors, and fabrics:

    The above three factors depend on the look you wish to achieve. They offer a relaxed, formal, modern, or retro look.

    • Solid Curtains: By opting for solid curtains, you have a wide range of decorating options and can possibly think of modifying the accessories sometime in the future. Look for bright curtains if you need to make a statement, coordinating with the other colors in the room. Bold curtains might be the wrong option for those rooms that are elegant and formal. If you require curtains that can blend with the specific décor, curtains one shade darker than the walls can be opted for. Curtains that are coordinated with the color offer a look that is harmonious and soft.
    • Patterned Curtains: Make sure that your home does not have patterned wall paper, bedding, or furniture; otherwise, opting for patterned curtains is a big mistake. These tend to stand out like a sore thumb. If solid colors are your choice in the furnishings and painting of your home, you can be adventurous and choose the boldest of the prints and patterns available. In rooms that are airy and light, you can safely opt for neutral prints, which are on the smaller side. There are different prints available to offer either a modern or traditional look to your home.
    • Sheer Curtains: The above-mentioned curtains are apt for ultra-modern homes that have minimal décor, require light, but at the same time opt for the privacy factor.
    • Blackout Curtains: The blackout curtains are not heavy but tend to use fabrics that are woven tightly in multiple layers. These curtains offer the required protection against heat and sunlight. A blackout curtain of good quality tends to look like normal curtains used for decoration. There is a wide range of colors available in these, which also include white. A royal touch can be added to your room by opting for pleated curtains made in satin or silk.

    Once you have evaluated the above points while choosing the right curtains for your home,. Keep in touch get more information!

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