• Chandeliers: The Best Way you can Decorate your Home

    A chandelier can add a class and elegance to your room like nothing else can. You can find a wide range of options on the market to get the perfect chandelier for your home. These come in various sizes, styles, and price ranges. Anyone can find the best light fixture option for his/her home being in his/her budget. All that you need to do is search for the right option.


    Chandeliers’ style may vary from basic and fancy to simpler and modern. This buyer’s guide is for every buyer, who wants to buy a piece of art for his/her home. Here are some of the common types of chandeliers that you will get to see in the market:

    1. Candelabra Chandeliers
      The candelabra chandeliers look classic in every way. These look like the old chandeliers that used candles for illuminating.
    2. Chandeliers with Shades
      You might have seen many lights with shades. Some chandelifers are very similar to those. There is a wide array of styles and colours that you can choose from. These generally do the double duty by adding a visual element to the chandelier and dimming the light. For softer lighting requirements, this is the perfect type of chandeliers.
    3. Crystal Chandeliers
      You might have seen the elegant crystal chandeliers in movies and homes of the wealthy. These are generally expensive but you can find many of them in a reasonable price range.
    4. Drum Chandeliers
      You can see a shade around the lights in the drum shape in the drum chandeliers. You might think of them as being part of the chandelier with shades. But their other unique features make them a new category. The shades in these come in different materials and add an extra design to the overall effect of the chandelier.
    5. Mini Chandeliers
      these are perfect for your smaller spaces that you want to decorate with perfect lighting. You can find plenty of options in this category. These are available in different styles and price ranges.
    6. Tiered Chandeliers
      This chandelier is for high ceilings. It can add a lot of style to your spaces. It has multiple lighting levels.


    Factors to consider you buy your Chandelier

    It can be a difficult task to choose the perfect chandelier for you when you have numerous options to buy one. To make sure that you are able to buy the best chandelier for you, here are some factors that you can consider why buying one for you:

    1. Style
      The beauty of the chandeliers is what makes us buy them. So, it is obvious to say that style is at the top of the priority for many customers when they decide to buy chandeliers. Along with this, it also has to fit in your space so as to compliment it. If you have a simply styled room, then a crystal chandelier is what you must go for. There are numerous options for every taste.
    2. Weight and Size
      The dimensions of the space where you want to put your chandelier must be known to your before buying one. It must also be hung properly so that people don’t hit their heads on it. Chandeliers are generally heavy too. The weight of the chandelier will affect the cost of transporting it. It is really important to get it installed by a professional for the safety of everyone in the house.
    3. Price
      The price of the chandelier is another important factor that needs to be considered. You can find numerous options for a chandelier being in your budget. The fancy and large chandeliers can cost your thousands of dollars while some would be in the hundreds range. You don’t have to worry because you live in a world where chandeliers are no more for only wealthy people. Anyone of us can buy a chandelier and that being in the budget.
    4. Placement and Room
      You can find a chandelier for every room of your house. You have to pick the right chandelier for the right room. The overall style and size of the room and the amount of lighting needed counts while buying a chandelier for your room.
    5. Ease of Installation
      No matter if you are installing your chandelier on your own or are hiring someone to get it done for you, it will either cost you time or money. For the installation of some chandeliers, you better call a professional because you don’t want to ruin it.
    6. Type of Bulb
      Any chandelier would need bulb(s) for the lighting. It is important to know the type of the bulb your chandelier needs. Choose the bulbs that will save you money and don’t need a replacement on regular basis.
    7. Ease of Care
      The chandeliers definitely need care. You might have to frequently clean your chandelier depending on the material they are made up of. If you buy a chandelier with lots of pieces, you will end up paying for that while you do the cleaning.

    There is a beautiful chandelier for every home. The beauty is only worth it if you have chosen the right chandelier for the right space. They are easily accessible to every home and adding a little elegance to their home. Even if you are looking for a chandelier in your budget, you will find many options that are worth it. All you need to do is have an idea of your requirement and find the perfect chandelier in accordance with that.

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