• 8 Useful Tips While Using a Washing Machine

    There are so many semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines that have been introduced that are quite expensive compared to the basic ones. In order to keep them for a long time, it is necessary to maintain them. Also, it is important to know exactly how to use a washing machine so that your clothes come out of the wash fresh and clean every time.

    If you have bought the best washing machine for your household and are looking for some tips on how to maintain it for a long time and get the most out of it, read our ultimate guide to the do’s and don’ts of using a washing machine!

    Here are eight tips for keeping laundry day stress-free.

    1. Don’t overload it:

    Overflowing clothes into the washing machine won’t be able to move around enough to get a proper clean, so you could end up needing to wash them again! Similarly, do not wash small loads using a large load cycle; this will use an unnecessary amount of water and energy.

    2. Select the Right Detergent:

    Make sure you are using the right kind of detergent for your model. Many energy-efficient washing machines require a low-foam detergent.

    Always choose the detergent that meets your laundry needs.

    Powdered detergents are usually less expensive and work well for general loads. Although they don’t always dissolve correctly in cold water and leave white residue on fabrics,. Whereas liquid detergents, which usually contain enzymes that are good for treating stains,.

    3. Clean the Dispenser:

    Yes, you need to wash the washer. This will help keep it clean and smelling fresh. TIP! Every month or so, run an empty load of hot water with 2 cups of white vinegar. In the middle of the wash cycle, add ½ cup of detergent. Let the full cycle be completed.

     4. Separate Colors And Pre-Treat Stains:

    Separating clothes by colour is required to prevent any color-run disasters. So divide your clothes accordingly, For example, white clothes must be washed differently from other dark-colored clothes.

    5. Don’t Leave Wet Clothes In For A Long Time:

    Never leave wet clothes in the washing machine for a long time, as moisture from wet clothes can develop mould in your washing machine drum. So try to remove clothes from the washer as soon as possible after the rinse cycle is finished and dry them.

    6. Call a professional for serious faults:

    If there are minor washing machine problems, such as a blocked water pipe or something, you can do it yourself But for a serious issue, especially one related to the electrics or plumbing of your machine, you should always call a professional.

    7. Do Clean Your Washing Machine:

    After using a washing machine, it is necessary to clean it. If it is not cleaned properly, it won’t be able to do its job efficiently. Add a cup of vinegar and set the washing machine to a hot cycle to sanitise the machine. It helps to remove smells.

    8. Leave the washing machine door open after use.

    It is necessary to leave the washing machine door open for some time after use to air out. It prevents the washer from having a nasty smell.

    These are some useful tips you need to be aware of while using the washing machine. Use these hacks to let your clothes be washed properly.

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