• 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Noise Level Meter

    Businesses have so much to think about each day when it comes to running an efficient and safe operation. A key example of this is the dangers surrounding excessive noise. This hazard can do a ton of harm to a business in a number of ways if it’s not quickly addressed. This is why a noise level meter can be such a useful tool. So let’s look now at 5 reasons why your business needs a noise level meter.

    1. For day-to-day safety inside the Business

    A noise level meter will help a business monitor the noise of its operations day by day. For a number of workplaces, such as factories and live music venues, ensuring the noise stays at a safe level is critically important. This is because it’s a reality that it does not take a very high level of noise to begin damaging hearing. Once noise is above 85 decibels, which is around the same level of noise that heavy traffic emits, it can begin to cause permanent hearing damage.

    2. For ‘One-Off’ Events

    For many businesses, there will be a constant need to monitor noise in the workplace. For others, this will not be the case but it is still necessary to have a noise level meter on-hand. An example of this is a venue, such as a cafe, restaurant, or office, that may occasionally host events. Yes, in the usual course of business, excessive noise may not occur, but when events are hosted in these locations, having a noise level meter available can help ensure the noise does not exceed dangerous levels.

    3. For Measuring Noise of New Equipment

    A business that does not have excessive noise usually—or even occasionally hosts events—can still find excessive noise may sometimes be present in the workplace. For instance, this can occur when cleaning equipment or similar technology is brought in. By having a noise level meter on- hand, it’s possible to measure any equipment that’s temporarily on-site to ensure it’s safe to operate without harming the hearing of anyone around it.

    4. For Keeping an Ear in the Neighbourhood

    Another reason a noise level meter is so useful is its capacity to ensure sounds in the neighbourhood do not exceed a safe level. Whether it’s a construction site, some maintenance work being done, or another activity going on in the neighbourhood, it’s common for the surroundings of a business to emit noise. Any time such noise exceeds a safe level, it poses a danger (especially if your staff and customers are not wearing ear protection like others who are causing the noise may be).

    5. As a Way to Measure Sound While On the Move

    Noise level meters are also fantastic for measuring sound levels when out and about in the community. For businesses that regularly provide goods or services outside the premises, having a noise level meter available can be a great help in ensuring any environment staff (and customers) operate in is safe from excessive noise.

    Hearing the Advantage

    Noise level meters can help keep sound at safe levels. At the workplace, in the neighbourhood around it, and out and about in the wider community. That’s why there’s never been a better time for a business to get a noise level meter.

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