• 5 Benefits of Using Concrete Exposed Aggregates In Homes

    Concrete Exposed Aggregates

    You might have come across beautifully designed sidewalks, driveways, and patios. These are achieved by using concrete exposed aggregate in the flooring. These floors are prepared by doing away with the top layer of concrete to show the texture and color of aggregate below it. Some of the advantages of using concrete exposed aggregate are-

    #1. Rugged Surface

    If house owners are looking for concrete that can withstand harsh conditions of the environment, then they should consider flooring made out of concrete exposed aggregate. The flooring made of this type of concrete can handle any kind of extreme weather. One more advantage of this concrete is that it has the same degree of durability as compared to the product of the flooring. If this kind of concrete is used, the user can be sure that the floor will stay for the lifetime.

    #2. Decorative Look

    The primary appeal for users of this concrete exposed aggregate is the visual look it provides to both the users and the visitors. Considering the size of the aggregate, texture, and color, every installation of the exposed aggregate is unique in itself. The surface is best suited for any kind of business exterior or any kind of homes. The different sizes and shapes add a lot of depth into the concrete used for the flooring. Concrete exposed aggregate is interesting, especially when the user selects colors, which is usually not used for concrete that is exposed. The maintenance of concrete exposed aggregate is even simpler. All that the user has to do is to wash the concrete exposed aggregate with water once in every few weeks.

    #3. Variety Of Uses                   

    If the user has a pool, he can look at using concrete exposed aggregate for the flooring. This helps kids to avoid from slipping in the pool. Enhance the look of patios with concrete exposed aggregate. In addition, patios can be used for heavy usages and outdoor activities like grill-based parties and picnics for children.

    It is important to note that any kind of walkway will serve its purpose if concrete exposed aggregate is used. Additionally, this leads to the primary functionality of concrete exposed aggregate. If it is icy or rainy outside, there is a high probability of slipping and tumbling down. In addition to being embarrassing, slipping also might prove to be fatal. If the user or the members of the user’s household fall a lot, the user has to be very careful and look at adding concrete exposed aggregate to the floor or the walkway as soon as possible. By being skid resistant, concrete exposed aggregate helps individuals in preventing fatal slips and falls. In addition, walkways made of concrete exposed aggregate does not show tire skid marks.

    Concrete Exposed Aggregate

    As seen above, using concrete exposed aggregate has many advantages. It is important for the users to understand the disadvantages of the concrete exposed aggregate before making a purchase decision about this. Some of the disadvantages are-

    #4. Durability

    Even though, the concrete exposed aggregate can withstand many factors causing damages, the decorative stones used on the surface are prone to damage. Excessive movement of heavy loads creates pits, which further extends into the surface.

    #5. Repairs

    The most challenging part of the floor that uses this type of concrete is making the patched floor look like the rest of the floor. Adding a little too much to the patched part might make the floor look ugly or adding less concrete to the patched portion might weaken the floor.

    Taking all the types of decorative styles into consideration it is clear that the concrete exposed aggregate is the most economical method used to obtain a decorative concrete look.

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