• 4 Simple Hacks to Unblock Toilet Drain

    A toilet is one of the most important places of the house and needs maximum cleaning and maintenance. Each family member uses the toilet several times, which increases the chance of clogged, unhygienic and dirty toilet. It becomes very irritating when you already have a blocked toilet drain, and it creates a huge mess while unblocking it. If you’re also suffering from a blocked toilet drain, then here in this article, we have some simple hacks which will unblock toilet drains with ease and less mess.

    #1. Use The Plunger

    A Plunger is the best tool to unblock a drain or pipe. To make the procedure of unblocking the toilet easier, first, cover the toilet seat with a lot of newspaper to soak up any leakage. Now just cover up the toilet seat with a lot of newspaper in order to soak any leakage. This would make the process easier. Now, take a plunger and put it in the hole of toilet seat and with the help of water pressure, make a push-pull effect to create pressure in the pipe and unblock the clog from inside. This procedure will clean the pipe in a few pushes. Once it is done, use the flush in order to clean the toilet and make sure that it doesn’t get clogged in future.

    #2. Use of Enzymes

    Nowadays, there are so many enzymes available in the market which liquefy the waste materialthat may have clogged the toilet drains.  These products are easily available in home improvement stores and can be used to unblock clogged toilet. This product works only on organic wastes. If the toilet is clogged because of  toys or equipment, then this product will not unblock the toilet.You must follow the directions given on the bottle of the product to use it appropriately. Also, make sure you let the bottle rest for the time advised, because once the time passes, you will see that the drain has opened and the clogged water has passed. Also, you can use the plunger to clean off the clog easier and faster.

    #3. Homemade Products for Cleaning Drain Pipes

    Blocked toilet have become the most common issues in every house. To aid the blocked toilets, you can use  homemade drain cleanerstoo.  Vinegar and baking soda have the potential to unclog the waste, so if they both are used together, they can be the ideal pick to unblock the clogged toilet. The combination of vinegar and baking soda makes a chemical which helps to unclog the toilet quickly. . All you have to do is boil some water almost to the temperature of tea and now mix one cup of baking soda with 2 cups of vinegar. Add the solution to the toilet seat and let it set for about a night. This would give this solution the required time to unclog the waste material properly. . You can also pour the hot water in the pot to create some pressure for the home-made drain cleaner to work efficiently. Next morning, once again, pour hot water into the toilet, and soon the water will drain off,resulting in an unblocked toilet drain.

    #4. Use  Plumbing  Snake

    It is a flexible cleaning tool or auger meant for cleaning blocked toilets. Fill the pot with enough water, and then put the metal side of the tool inside the toilet drain pipe to let the auger do its job. Push the auger inside to let it reach the maximum range, and then keep moving the tool to unclog the pipe. This is how the water will drain off easily, and you will get a clean and unblocked toilet drain.

    It is very easy to unblock toilet drains with these simple hacks in order to get the toilets cleaned and unclogged. You can do the daily maintenance of your toilet all by yourself and keep the toilet clean and hygienic for better health!

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