• When to Service Your Air Conditioner in Arizona?

    If you’ve ever been to Arizona, chances are that the biggest impression you have is just how hot it is. Even the winters in Arizona are different than in the rest of the country. Air conditioners, then, are practically needed for heavy use throughout most of the year, whereas furnaces are less important, and some homes don’t even have them.

    And while high-performance air conditioning is needed for a large part of the year, when summer hits, having a smoothly functioning AC becomes an absolute necessity. That means that any malfunction of your AC in this period may not only be unpleasant, it can be downright dangerous.

    Hughes Air Co. AC experts from Mesa, AZ, therefore suggest having your AC serviced when it is not absolutely necessary, a window which is closing quickly for this year.

    When to Schedule an AC Service?

    Simply put, the earlier in the year – the better. In the early months of the year, chances that you will be using the system are lower, meaning you will not depend on it as you would in the middle of summer.

    Keep in mind that the AC maintenance companies will also be less busy with maintenance and service jobs. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you will have to wait for availability at your favorite AC company.

    Spring Is a Great Time for an AC Service

    One of the most commonly chosen times for the annual AC service is spring. Most people chooseMarch or early April, but as long as it is not too hot during the day, you still have enough time to schedule the service, live one day without AC, and then be ready for the hard-hitting desert summer.

    Towards the end of April and the beginning of May, more and more people remember that they need to service their AC, which means that this marks the beginning of the busy season for the AC mechanics.

    What If It’s Already Hot?

    If you haven’t remembered to schedule the service in early spring, and the heat is already becoming difficult to manage, there is one thing you may be able to do in order to cool your home long enough for an AC technician to check and clean your AC. It is called super-cooling your home.

    Essentially, it is fairly simple. All you need to do is set your AC to a really cold temperature for a few hours, bringing the temperature of your home down. By doing so, you will not only cool the air in your home, but also the walls and the furniture. This will prolong the duration of the cooling in your home just long enough to have your AC back online.

    Why Do I Need an AC Checkup Each Year?

    A machine which runs for a large portion of the year for several hours every day will inevitably experience some problems. They can be something as simple as a faulty fan, or as complex as an electronic failure.

    Repairing the damage to your AC system can be quite expensive and time-consuming. All that time, you will be without a functioning AC, a prospect not ideal in Arizona. However, it can easily be prevented.

    You can save time and money if you simply have an AC technician check your AC. The technician will ensure that everything works fine, and that a small problem is resolved as soon as possible, not developing into a much bigger and complex problem.

    Getting your air conditioner ready for the heavy duty of keeping you cool in the summer starts with the first step – getting your AC checked up at least once a year. If you’ve not scheduled yours, what are you waiting for?

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