• Here’s Why You Need to Deep Clean Your New Home (and How)

    Deep cleaning is an essential, yet often overlooked service when moving into a new home. Deep cleaning will ensure your new home is thoroughly cleaned with no corner left behind. Deep cleaning will help reassure you that your new home is completely fresh, top to bottom. This is an absolute must, especially if you have children or elderly people in your family.

    The best way to deep clean your new home is to hire professional cleaners like Krazy Kleen Maids. However, some homeowners choose to go the DIY route, and that’s fine. Whether you want to hire a cleaning service or put on the cleaning gloves yourself, here are the main benefits of cleaning your new home and a quick overview of how to do it properly.

    How Does Deep Cleaning Work?

    Deep cleaning involves a thorough cleaning of the entire home, something that requires a lot of time and effort, as well as proper tools. You will need sponges, gloves, a quality HEPA vacuum cleaner, cleaning products, a ladder, and more. If you don’t have all of these, hiring a one-time deep cleaning service is something you should seriously consider.

    You will need to start from the top and work your way all the way to the bottom of your house, in order to completely clean up everything. The easiest way is to break down your home into areas you’ll be cleaning one at a time.

    Your Kitchen Will Sparkle

    The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of every home. This is where your family gets together for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This is where you enjoy a cup of coffee with your neighbors and have a quick chat (or share a few gossips). This is why you want to make sure your kitchen is completely clean. You need to take care of all surfaces in the kitchen, and there are quite a few of them with all the appliances and cabinets there.

    If your new home came with appliances such as the fridge, stove, dishwasher, or microwave, make sure to disinfect and clean all of them. Make sure you also wash the inside of the cabinets.

    You also need to take care of countertops, sinks, and backsplashes, as they all tend to get messy as years go by.

    Sanitize Your Bathroom

    The only healthy bathroom is a deep-cleaned bathroom. There are a lot of elements to consider there, including the shower or the bathtub, the toilet, the sink… All of the areas have to be thoroughly disinfected, as bacteria tend to develop there. Some of these bacteria may cause various diseases, so it’s best not to use the bathroom until you’ve personally made sure it’s sanitized.

    A deep cleaning service will take care of all the surfaces in the bathroom, including those that are out of or difficult to reach. Deep cleaning will ensure that your entire bathroom is spotless and your bathroom is healthy to use.

    Clean Up After Pets

    If the previous homeowners had pets, there is a chance you’ll find tons of hair and feel their specific smell as soon as you move in. You should look out for strands of pet hair or even accidents on the floor. If anyone in your family is allergic to pets or pet dander, you need to prioritize deep cleaning before moving in. In this case, hiring a cleaning service is a health priority and should not be considered a luxury. Cleaning companies have the products and the equipment to ensure your new home is completely safe for people with allergies, something you’ll have a hard time doing yourself.

    Deep Cleaning the Ducts

    Another area that often gets overlooked is the ducts. If the new home wasn’t cleaned after renovations, chances are there is a lot of debris and dust in the ducts. This could affect your HVAC system and even cause it to break down. This is why professionally cleaning the ducts is extremely important in every new home.

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