• The many benefits of having a deck area for your pool

    If you’re like many others, you’ve spent a fair bit of time envisioning what you want your pool to look like and just as much time saving for it, so you want to get it right to enjoy it in its entirety. A deck area surrounding your pool can drastically improve its overall aesthetics and function too. Here are all the reasons why you should have a deck surrounding your pool.

    It’s safer

    Pools are fun and a source of endless entertainment, but they can also be dangerous. Anything that’s used around the pool that is not secured down and non-slip is a hazard. A trip, slip or fall around the pool poses a huge safety risk. You want to have peace of mind that your family and the people you invite over will be safe when using the pool, not worried that they may injure themselves. Proper pool decking has non-slip properties, can withstand exposure to UV rays, is soft underfoot, doesn’t get excessively hot and is firmly positioned.

    Keep your pool cleaner

    If you just have dirt surrounding your pool, water splashing onto it will turn it into mud, and where is it going to end up? In the pool! It will cause the water to go brown, and the mud can build up in the pool and damage your equipment. It won’t take long for the water to become unswimmable, and a high dose of chemicals and time-consuming cleaning will be required to clear up the water. It’s messy, dangerous, and unsightly. There’s no way to prevent this dirt from getting in the pool, and it can be exhausting to have to constantly clean it and rebalance the chemicals. If you have grass around your pool, it can get slippery when wet, and the constant exposure to chlorine can kill it, leaving it patchy.

    It makes your pool area multipurpose

    Being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine is a favorite pastime of ours here in Australia and by having a generous decking area for your pool, you can make your pool area multipurpose. It provides a place to take a break from swimming, but you can also use it in the colder months to entertain or simply relax poolside while having your morning coffee. The great thing about a pool deck is that it’s not one size fits all, and you can customize it to suit your lifestyle as well as your swimming needs.

    Can add value to your home

    A pool without a deck or surroundings of some sort looks unfinished in most instances, and there aren’t too many pools that don’t have paving, even if it’s just minimal. By having a well-thought-out decking area, you can increase the appeal of your backyard and boost the value of your home. For a lot of people in the market, the prospect of having to spend money on a home can be off-putting. If you ever sell, it’s something to consider.

    Makes your backyard more inviting

    The more inviting your backyard is, the more you’ll want to use it. You don’t have to be swimming to reap the benefits of pool ownership; simply being outside in the fresh air can do wonders for your mood and boost general wellbeing. Having somewhere to sit comfortably and even dip your feet in the water with a cool drink in hand can increase the overall enjoyment you get out of your pool. If you like entertaining, what better place to do that than poolside? Balmy dinners by the pool, reading a book on a lounger, and summer BBQ’s are just a few of the many ways you can utilise a deck around your pool.

    best materials for pool decking

    There is a huge selection of materials that can be used to build a pool deck. Here are some popular ones:


    Pavers are one of the most used materials for around a pool. They are contemporary and come in endless colours, materials, shapes, sizes and more. Some popular materials include travertine and limestone; they are natural and typically come in neutral colour palettes. These two materials are soft underfoot, non-slip, and resistant to high temperatures. Rather than heating up during the summer, they pass the heat through the paver and into the ground beneath them.


    Timber is another popular decking material choice for around pools, but you have to make sure the timber you choose is suitable for pool decking purposes to ensure it lasts. It should repel water well and be insect- and chlorine-resistant. How you finish your decking is completely up to you. Stain, paint or limewashing are a few of many options. Composite timber is becoming increasingly sought-after for use around pools as it is moisture and termite resistant, soft underfoot, non-slip, and cool to touch.


    There are thousands of different tiles on the market, and the great thing about using them around a pool is that you can create something unique and personalised. Unlike some of the other decking materials, tiles come in patterns and endless colours. If you do use tiles, ensure that they are non-slip. If they aren’t, they can become very slippery, and the likelihood of someone slipping over and hurting themselves is high.

    Exposed aggregate

    Exposed aggregate can create a stunning modern finish around your pool area. It is created by removing the top layer, and the result is a smooth, non-slip surface that has natural stone scattered throughout. You can choose the material you want in your aggregate concrete, and by doing so, you can customise the texture and colour that it. Once installed, it is extremely durable and will require little to no maintenance over its lifespan.

    Pattern Concrete

    Pattern concrete is a versatile pool decking material, and it is often used to create a replica of other natural materials such as stone or brick. It is an economical option, and if you already have pattern concrete in your backyard, using it in your pool area is a great way to tie the two areas together.

    We hope this post has explained the importance of having decking around your pool. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact the fibreglass pool specialists here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne.

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