• Platform Lift or Home Elevator: The Better Of The Two

    Elevators are basically installed to solve mobility issues faced by people. Thus they can be installed in homes, residences and commercial establishments. Each lift has a common advantage; it is able to transport people and goods from one level to another. This is of great utility especially in homes where people face mobility issues either by virtue of age, being differently abled or due to some temporary handicap.

    Lift or Home Elevator

    Thus there are two types of lifts which are commonly used in residences today. They are:

    • The platform lift: These lifts are primarily designed to provide an easy and inexpensive mobility solution for people in need for the same. They are generally used to service 2-floor levels or more depending on the requirement of the house or residence. Platform lifts are commonly L-shaped and negotiate the floors from within an enclosed shaft.
    • The home elevator: They are compact lifts which can accommodate 2 to 6 people and are a good alternative for moving around the house safely. Not only is the home elevator an asset where functionality is concerned, they are a great addition aesthetically too and thus help to enhance the d├ęcor of a room.

    Pros and cons of a platform lift

    The platform lifts are essential vertical lifts which act as a self-contained elevator.

    Some of the pros of the platform lift are:

    • Maintenance: These lifts can be installed both indoors and outdoors and once they are installed, they require very little maintenance. This is because these lifts enjoy quality engineering and also come equipped with a host of safety features to ensure the continuous operation of this lift.
    • Weather resistance: Platform lifts generally come with specially designed covers which block the entry of moisture thereby keeping the internal components safe. Thus these lifts are also able to transport people to their destinations even in incremental weather conditions.
    • Inexpensive: These lifts are generally less costly than the home elevators since they do not involve elaborate and elegant mechanisms. These platform lifts are designed to focus more on functionality and practicality than on design.
    • Easy Installation: Furthermore the installation of the platform lift also does not require any major remodelling of homes. They can also travel to heights of about 8 feet without any fuss or hassle. Hence these lifts are versatile too.

    Just as with every electronic gadget, platform lifts to have certain drawbacks like:

    • They tend to take up too much space,
    • They can be automatically and independently operated thereby enabling the elderly to travel within their homes with their dignity, self-confidence, and courage intact.

    Pros and cons of home elevators

    Home elevators have been known to transform the life of mobility challenged people in a way that they have started to enjoy their way of life thoroughly. Advantages associated with the home elevators are:

    • Easy access: It is very easy to access and use the home elevators. Thus they can be negotiated without any problems and people can go from one level to another using these beautiful looking elevators.
    • Value addition: The installation of the home elevator helps to add value to the homes wherein they are present. This is because they provide glamour as well as practicality where elevators are concerned.
    • Mobility alternative: The ability to transport people and things from one place to another helps solve many a mobility issue faced by the elderly as well as people who find steps difficult to negotiate.

    The only drawback is the cost factor which is involved in its purchase and subsequent installation.

    However, the choice of installing an elevator or a platform lift depends on the individual requirements and it is difficult to segregate and say which one is better it is better to ask Elevator Installer. Each has its individual advantages and disadvantages and care should be taken to install the one which is most appropriate and useful for a home.

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