• Most Important Parts of the Kitchen to Upgrade

    Kitchen to Upgrade

    A kitchen renovation is a big job. In order to do it right, you’ll want to plan the project out in advance and make sure that once the work starts, you don’t have any distractions. There are many aspects of the kitchen you need to consider prior to starting your renovation or upgrade project. Here are some of the most important aspects of your kitchen you want to be sure to address.

    Appliances in Your Kitchen

    Your most important investment in your new kitchen will be in its appliances. While some kitchens can be remodeled without changing out appliances at all, many people find that the money they save on cabinets or countertops is just not enough when their dishwasher is old or goes out altogether. If your refrigerator or dishwasher are old or have started to give out on you, they’ll need to be replaced. New appliances will look great and help keep your food fresh, but also allow for more storage space than older models. If you opt for energy efficient appliances, it can also save you money in the long run.

    While doing kitchen appliance upgrades, consider if something like a water softener would help your appliances last longer. Something like a Kenmore water softener could keep rust and chlorine out of your appliances, allowing your new appliances to last much longer than your old appliance may have. The same goes if your old water softener is no longer helping keep your water safe, tasty, or mineral-free. Upgrading to a new model gives you a lot of benefits and should be seriously considered.

    Water Matters a Lot in Your Kitchen

    The water you drink and cook with from the kitchen are essential. They need to be the highest quality water possible. If you are not sure that your water is safe, test it. Until you get the results, or if you just want to upgrade your kitchen water for flavor, then look into installing a filtered water system underneath your sink. This will ensure that any ice cubes or drinks made with tap water will not only taste better but it will also reduce chlorine and smells that may come from old pipes.

    The Sink and Faucet

    A leaking sink can cause hundreds of dollars damage over time. In addition, a dirty sink looks grimy and outdated even if the rest of your kitchen is in good shape. There are many double or even single bowl sinks that could be a huge upgrade to your kitchen without the huge expense. Once you’ve chosen what type of sink you want, you can choose the faucet to match it.

    The faucet is one of the most used parts in the entire house, so if this part breaks, it can become an emergency situation until it’s fixed. If you’re considering replacing yours with something modern and updated, make sure to look at something that will match the style you are going with. Ideally, you want to complement the look of your new kitchen with the sink and faucet you pick. If you can, pull a color from the counters or the sink to use for your faucet.

    What About Your Lighting?

    An upgrade that is often overlooked but can go a long way with improving the kitchen’s appearance is installing new lighting. Having dim lighting under your cabinets will not only make it very hard to see inside of them, it may even be unsafe as you cannot identify potential hazards on the countertops or in the cabinets themselves. Installing LED lights throughout the kitchen will ensure that everyone can see what they are doing and keep them safe while cooking or cleaning up after dinner.

    Never Overlook the Flooring

    Your flooring will serve as the base of your entire renovation project. While it doesn’t face the same kind of abuse that countertops do, these are still very important parts of any kitchen makeover to upgrade when they are worn down or outdated style-wise.

    Did You Address the Flow of the Kitchen?

    Reworking your kitchen can be a great opportunity to get rid of counter clutter. Think about how you are currently using your workspace in the kitchen and what might make it more functional for you.

    Kitchen renovations are expensive, but if you’re willing to start planning ahead this early on, you can save yourself money by choosing carefully where to spend your budget. Most importantly, don’t wait until there’s an emergency of some kind before you do any work or upgrade any parts of your kitchen. You’ll end up paying more for repairs when they happen than if you had just planned ahead when you had time to kill with no distractions in the way!

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