• What Are Impact Shutters? Do I Need Them For My Home?

    hurricane shutters

    Do you live in an area with extreme weather, such as hurricanes, tropical storms, or cyclones? If so, then you may be curious if you need impact shutters for your home. The chances are that if you live in such an area, you need protection for your windows and doors. We’ll cover what impact-resistant shutters are and if you need them.

    What are impact shutters?

    Impact shutters are also known as hurricane shutters or storm shutters. They are made from materials like aluminum and steel. These materials are able to resist the impact of flying objects. They also resist the impact of hurricane-force winds.

    All impact shutters serve the same main purpose. That purpose is to cover and protect the weak spots on your property. These “weak” spots include standard glass, doors, and screens. The shutters prevent damage by creating an impact-resistant barrier.

    Do I need impact-resistant shutters?

    If you live in an area that experiences severe weather, such as hurricanes, then yes. You should have some form of storm protection in your home. It’s not only hurricanes, though. Even tropical storms are capable of picking up and throwing objects.

    So if you live in an area like the Southeast region of the US, they are a good idea for your home.

    Are impact shutters the same as decorative shutters?

    Decorative shutters serve a decorative purpose. They will not do much, if anything, to protect your home in a severe storm, such as a hurricane. Decorative shutters are usually made from non-impact-resistant materials like vinyl.

    Impact materials are different than decorative shutters. Their impact-resistant materials can stop objects and winds from causing damage. Some storm shutters look attractive. But their main purpose and function are to protect your home.

    If you are trying to buy shutters to protect your home, then you will need to ensure that they are impact shutters. Decorative shutters will not offer much protection. Try to find shutters that meet the standards of a local organization. An example are shutters that meet the Florida Building Codes for homes in Florida.

    What kinds of impact shutters are available?

    Impact shutters come in many styles. They are usually broken down into permanent and non-permanent shutters.

    Permanent impact shutters

    First, there are permanent impact shutters. This type of storm shutter is always installed. You close them when a storm is approaching.

    Examples of these include roll-down hurricane shutters or accordion shutters. Other types of permanent shutters include colonial and Bahama shutters.


    Next are non-permanent storm shutters. These do not stay on your home. You need to install them and uninstall them for each storm.

    These are usually cheaper than permanent types. But they require more work and effort. This is because you need to install and uninstall them for each storm. You also have to store them somewhere, such as in your garage or a storage unit. This is a turn-off for many people.

    A common example of non-permanent shutters is steel storm panels.

    Storm panels are generally the cheapest form of hurricane shutters. But they need the most time and effort to install. If you install them yourself, you should plan on 2+ days to get them on your house. A similar time is necessary to remove them.


    If you live in an area that gets severe weather, such as hurricanes, then you need impact shutters. Impact shutters are different than decorative shutters. They can protect your home from wind gusts and flying objects. You can choose permanent or non-permanent impact shutters, depending on your preference. They are a good investment to protect your home and prevent damage.

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