• How to Organize Your Kitchen for Thanksgiving Hosting

    Organize Your Kitchen

    Nothing screams Thanksgiving more than an overflowing kitchen and the smell of delicious food being prepared for the big feast.  But if your kitchen is unorganized, it can be hard to enjoy the festivities.  Start cleaning, decluttering and organizing now  to ensure your Wakefield, Pennsylvania home is ready for Thanksgiving.


    You can’t organize or clean your kitchen if it is cluttered.  Start by decluttering your countertops, where stacks of papers tend to pile up.  Throw away or store unnecessary decorations and cooking supplies that are taking up too much space.  You should also declutter your pantry.  Get rid of expired items or items you will never use in order to make extra space.  Finally, remove old or used cooking utensils and accessories.  Items that are rarely or never used will just take up space, so get rid of them or store them for the holiday season.

    Designate space

    Cooking takes up space, especially when you are cooking a large Thanksgiving dinner.  Make sure you have plenty of open space and designated areas where you can chop, peel, and prepare different types of foods.  Keep the cooking instruments that you need to prepare each type of food or dish in that area to make prep work easy.

    Organize shelves

    Searching for spices is annoying, even when you are just cooking a dinner for two.  When you are preparing multiple dishes, it is infuriating to search for multiple ingredients.  Save yourself time and organize your pantry and shelves prior to Thanksgiving.  If you have already decluttered your kitchen, this step should be easy.  Simply move the ingredients that you will need for Thanksgiving front and center in your pantry or cabinets.  Ingredients you won’t need can be moved to the back.  This will make it easier to find items and make cooking much more enjoyable.

    Make a command center

    The holidays are hectic.  Don’t make them more difficult by trying to remember every extra meeting, party, shopping list, or chore that needs to be completed by Thanksgiving.  Instead, make a command center complete with a calendar, to-do list, and shopping list.  Save counter space and hang your calendar and lists on a kitchen wall that is easy to see and access.  If you followed many homeowners in the past few years and upgraded to smart appliances, you may have better access to a command center.  Smart appliances are incredibly popular among home buyers due to their ease of use and energy efficiency.  Smart refrigerators have built-in touch screens and voice commands so you can easily add items to your shopping list.

    Open up for entertaining

    With so much work going on in the kitchen, it can be difficult to maneuver around family and friends. Set up your entertaining or appetizer area away from the kitchen, where guests can mingle.  Keep drinks out of the kitchen as well so that people can refill the beverages without disrupting your work.

    Thanksgiving is all about enjoying time with family and friends.  Prepare your kitchen for the big day so that when guests arrive, you will have plenty of time to enjoy their company.  An organized and decluttered kitchen will give you more space and peace of mind so that you can skip the stress of preparation and have a more enjoyable Thanksgiving day.

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