• Your Guide to Choosing Pool Lane Dividers

    Do you want to use your pool for both relaxation and training? Well, in that case, you can pursue both interests simultaneously by using lane dividers. In this article, we’ll explore what lane dividers are and how you can choose the dividers that are best for your home fibreglass swimming pool.

    What are pool lane dividers?

    Pool lane dividers are basically equipment that allows you to divide the pool into different sections. They are usually seen in larger public pools where people practice for sporting events. But, if your fibreglass home swimming pool is large enough, then you can use pool lane dividers to set specific areas aside for rest & relaxation and exercise & competitive training.

    What are pool lane dividers made of?

    Pool lane dividers are typically made of plastic because this material is lightweight and can float on the surface of the water. Plus, you can get plastic in different colours and prints, which offer a diversity of lane dividers for you to choose from.

    How do pool lane dividers actually help you, the swimmer?

    Imagine you want to relax in your pool after a day’s hard work, but your spouse wants to train for the triathlon they have registered for. Or perhaps, you want to get in your exercise for the day, but your kids and pets are all frolicking in the pool. Without the pool lane dividers, one of you would have to give way to the other and let go of your pool plans. That feels unfair and unwarranted, doesn’t it?

    Pool lane dividers allow you to create a separate lane where serious swimming can be done and another lane/section, where your family and friends can relax and have fun. That way, both parties can enjoy your brand-new fibreglass home pool, without compromising quality family time and fun pool time.

    You will also be infinitely safer, since the pool lane dividers act as a barrier between people, preventing collisions of any kind. You and your loved ones can safely enjoy your new fibreglass home pool, without any safety issues.

    Additionally, pool lane dividers reduce the impact of waves and water movement between two sections. So, let’s say you’ve switched on the wave machine in your pool and it’s creating waves. Your loved one who wants to swim undisturbed can put up the lane dividers, which will limit the turbulence from the wave machine and help them swim with ease. Also, if multiple people are exercising in the pool, the water is bound to jostle a lot because of the swimming motion of multiple people. Your lane dividers will reduce this jostling of the water for everyone.

    Tips for choosing your pool lane dividers with care

    So, now that you know why you need pool lane dividers in your home swimming pool, it’s time to know how to select the right one. Here are some tips you can follow –

    • Choose a length that fits your pool

    Although this sounds obvious, you won’t believe how many homeowners make a mistake when choosing the correct lane divider length. They either select one that is too short or one that is too long.

    If your lane divider is too short, then you won’t even be able to put it up properly. If it’s too long, your lane divider will be flaccid and won’t perform any of the functions it’s designed to perform.

    Be sure to measure your pool end-to-end, taking into consideration any coping or outer wall thickness, since you may have to put up pegs outside your home pool, to attach the lane dividers to.

    • Select a colour that is easy for everyone to see

    Although the sky’s the limit to customising your pool lane divider colours, you do need to consider who will be using the pool and what for, when selecting the lane dividers.

    For one, if you’re the main user of the pool and the pool will be predominantly used for training for sports, it helps to choose lane dividers in colours that normally appear in sporting events and competitions. That way, you create an environment that is closest to what you will experience on race day.

    For another, if your entire family – including kids, older parents and pets – use the pool, then having bright and vibrant colours helps. That way, the lane dividers can be spotted easily by anyone who may want to hold onto them to rest or keep themselves from swimming into someone else who’s in the pool.

    • Consider which float style you want

    The plastic components that make up your pool lane divider are called the floats. You get multiple styles of floats, from balls to cylindrical hollows to oval plates with vents and much more.

    Aesthetics aside, these floats are designed to offer different swimming experiences as well. For example, the oval plates or discs with vents are typically used in competitive racing, because they reduce turbulence in the water. You can purchase that style of lane divider if you’re training for a competition.

    • Purchase all your pool lane dividers at once

    Basically, this will allow you to get the correct dimensions and colours for all of your lane dividers and you won’t have to settle for a mishmash of lane dividers later on.

    • Get a lane roller to keep your lane dividers safe from chlorine

    As with any plastic, your pool lane dividers too can get discoloured and worn out due to the chlorine in the pool. Plus, with pets and kids clutching at the lane dividers during playtime, there are bound to be marks and dents in the floats.

    To prevent chlorine and roughhousing from damaging your pool lane dividers, get yourself a lane roller. This is a small piece of equipment that helps you detach and roll up your lane dividers, allowing you to take them out of the water and set them aside.

    Now, you can put up the lane dividers only when you want to use them and store them safely at all other times.

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