• How to Motivate Yourself to Finally Clean Your Home

    Let’s face it – nobody cleans because it’s fun. For some people who find organizing their bookshelves and rearranging the furniture it might be, but for the majority it is just another thing we cannot wait to cross off our to-do list. Unfortunately, cleaning our home is our responsibility and unless you hire a professional cleaning company like Clean Queen, this chore will be patiently waiting for you and no one else.

    However, there are some ways to motivate yourself to finally cross this item and freshen up your home. We’ve compiled a list of tips, tricks, hacks and mindsets to help you get through your Sunday cleaning and back to enjoying the weekend.

    Divide Your Workload into Smaller Tasks

    One way to stop procrastinating and get down to work is to divide your cleaning agenda into small, manageable tasks. According to this article, this can affect how you perceive the goal as it makes it less overwhelming.

    Try breaking down your cleaning agenda into small steps. Get all the supplies you need today, vacuum the floors tomorrow, clean the kitchen the day after that, and so on. This way, you are more likely to finish your cleaning than if you crammed it all in one day.

    Set the Alarm

    If you think cleaning will take up too much of your free time, try setting an alarm for 10, 15 or 20 minutes and see how much you can accomplish in that time. In most cases, you will be motivated to keep cleaning once you realize how much you managed to finish is such a short time. If you make a promise to yourself to only take as much time cleaning as you want, you’ll be more likely to finish the job and less likely to quit.

    You Don’t Have to Feel Like Cleaning to Clean

    If you wait for the perfect time when you feel like cleaning, you will only delay the inevitable. Most likely, you’ll never feel like doing it. This is precisely why you need to start doing it even if you might not feel like it. Using the other tips on this list will quickly get you in the mood.

    It’s OK to Ask for Help

    Maybe you haven’t considered hiring a professional cleaning company up till now. However, once you’ve tried outsourcing this chore you’ll find out how tempting it will be to do it again. It’s not too expensive compared to doing it yourself, but will save you a lot of valuable time and energy.

    See If You Really Need to Clean Now

    There are so many ways you could be spending that weekend. If you feel taking a walk or socializing will make you happier than having your place clean, then you shouldn’t force yourself into cleaning. If you split cleaning into smaller tasks you can do every day, you won’t have to sacrifice any free time to get your home clean.

    Play Some Empowering Music

    You can use the trick many bodybuilders do at the gym: create a cleaning playlist with tunes that inspire you to get things done. Create a playlist that’s anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes long and start cleaning until the final song has played.

    Reward Yourself for Cleaning

    Treat yourself with that massage or pedicure once you’ve finished cleaning. This will motivate you to get the chore done and will give you a sense of accomplishment. Knowing there’s a treat in it for you can do wonders for your motivation.

    Have Your Friends Come Over

    Inviting your friends over will not only give you a chance to socialize, but also give you an incentive to clean your home. For some people, this is the only way to get motivated to clean.

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