• Cleaning Your Way to an Allergen-Free Home

    Cleaning your house regularly is a key to a healthier and better life, especially if you suffer from allergies. As helpful as it is, there are some common mistakes that can trigger your allergies and just make things worse, like using the wrong chemicals or not using the correct amount.

    Here are some tips from experts at Hire A Maid which you may find useful to make sure you properly clean your home without causing unnecessary damage to your health.

    It’s worth mentioning that you can do all these by yourself, but hiring professional help can surely get this job done without you even lifting a finger.

    Vacuum Regularly

    It would be great if you could make a schedule and do a general vacuum cleaning of your home weekly, or more or less often, depending on necessity. Before you start vacuuming, make sure that you have a HEPA filter, which will prevent any allergens from passing through the vacuum cleaner, something that could easily happen with a standard filter.

    There is no point in vacuuming if you are just going to bring allergens back into the air by letting them pass through the filter. If you feel insecure or lack time to do a thorough cleaning, then a professional maid is just the solution for you.

    Another useful tip we recommend is that you use a mask while cleaning, just as an additional means of protection. After you’ve done vacuuming, you should leave your home for a while to let everything settle down.

    Keep Your Sheets Clean

    This is important because hot water destroys dust mites which are one of the most common allergens. You should generally wash any type of fabric your kids come in contact with often, like toys for example. You can make a schedule to wash your sheets in hot water once per week if you want allergens to stay away.

    While you’re at it, another useful tip when you do the washing is to dry it in an isolated area to prevent pollen from landing on your laundry. You can use a dryer to be sure that there is no pollen on your clean laundry.

    You should also avoid using detergents with overly potent scents and fragrances. They might smell nice and give an overall cleaner look to your laundry, but in reality, they are one of the triggers for allergies. It is much safer to stick to a standard detergent without any unnecessary additives.

    Get Rid of Old ‘Junk’

    Hoarding stuff in your house can be fun for a while, but eventually, it just turns into one big pile of junk, which you can’t decide whether to throw out, sell or just keep the way it is.

    Getting rid of piles of old boxes or clothes will surely make it easier for you to clean all the dust that comes with them, but if you choose to keep all the stuff, you at least need to make sure that you clean that area regularly since it is a good breeding ground for allergens, insects and various other things you don’t want in your house.

    More Useful Tips

    Rugs do look nice but they can be a torment to clean, especially if you are more susceptible to allergies and need to do it more often. You should rather use rugs that can easily fit into your washing machine.

    Introduce a house rule that everyone has to take their shoes off when they come in, especially if you live in a smaller apartment.

    Pets are cute, but keep them out of your bed and also use bedding designed specifically to prevent the piling of dust.

    If you are using air conditioning, you should absolutely make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned at least once a year and that you clean your air filters once a month.

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