• Can Fibreglass Pools Be Installed Above The Ground?

    A swimming pool is not just a utilitarian addition to any home but also acts as an item that adds to the home’s value. It is not always the case that you have space or the budget to get an in-ground pool installed. Above-ground pools are quite popular among homeowners due to the numerous benefits they offer.

    Fiberglass pools are some of the most popular choices. But many homeowners have this one doubt: can a fibreglass pool be installed above the ground? Yes! This is very much possible, and you would be surprised at the number of options you get when you choose a fibreglass pool for your garden.

    Reasons why above-ground fibreglass pools are a hit

    1. Budget

    Fiberglass pools installed above the ground are relatively cheaper than similar-sized pools installed in the ground or partially in the ground. The best part is that even with the lower budget you have to set for the pool, you do not have to compromise on quality or aesthetics.

    1. Installation

    The ease of installation is one of the most alluring factors that draws homeowners to opt for fibreglass installations above the ground. The pool is easily constructed and transported in a ready-to-install state. It can quickly be set up in the desired spot in your garden.

    1. Versatility

    For houses situated in hilly areas and those where the backyard terrain is irregular, fibreglass pools can be laid easily above the ground. These provide the flexibility to choose any desired shape, no matter what the terrain is like.

    1. Maintenance

    Fiberglass pools, in general, are known for their easy maintenance routine. Homeowners who do not want to bear tedious maintenance tasks or like to save on the additional amount spent in pool maintenance might find above-ground fibreglass pools to be an easy option.

    Fibreglass pools look elegant and can conveniently complement the aesthetics of most contemporary homes. You get to choose from a wide range of designs and dimensions. So, even if you have a very small space in your backyard, you can still find the most feasible option for your space.

    All that you need to know about installing fibreglass pools above the ground

    Designs that suit your style

    Once you have found a reputed firm that offers reliable fibreglass pool installations, you can focus on the finalisation of dimensions based on the space available in your garden. Even if you have a sloping side in the backyard where conventional pools can be tricky to install, you can go for a fibreglass pool confidently.

    A structure that offers durability

    The construction of the fibreglass pool determines its durability, especially when installed above the ground. The wall dimensions and structure of the pool would differ greatly from those installed in the ground. Walls are made thicker in this case. This allows the pool to be stronger even without the surrounding support that inground pools get.

    With the increased thickness comes the ability of the pool to withstand the water pressure. Even when there are waves created while using the pool or due to heavy winds, the walls can stand strong against the varying pressure.

    The thickness of the material is chosen in such a way that there is minimum flex accommodated. With this, the pool would not deform or crack even when there are mild movements on the ground.

    Additional support

    Additional support for the walls of the pool comes in the form of ribs installed outside the walls. Depending on the shape of the pool, these ribs are vertical structures added to reinforce the structural integrity of the pools. The number of such supports and the thickness of the support depend on the size and shape of the pool.

    Infinity pool

    For anyone dreaming of having an infinity pool installed in their backyard, fibreglass variants are the most convenient choices. If your house has a scenic landscape in the background, then you can easily add to the aesthetic appeal of the pool by choosing a fibreglass infinity pool. Stunning views and safe structures together provide a great relaxing spot for your whole family.

    Things to consider when installing an above-ground fibreglass pool

    1. Dimensions

    You should decide the required dimensions of the pool based on the size of your family and the available free area in your garden. Accommodate clearance for the drainage and other structures that might be required around the pool.

    1. Choose a shape that solves the purpose

    The shape you choose can often determine how economically the pool utilises the available area in your garden. The fibreglass pool service you choose should offer a catalogue of the designs they cater to. From the classic ovals and rectangles to eye-catching shapes to suit your home’s exteriors, you can pick from a large assortment when you install your fibreglass pool above the ground.

    1. Slope of the terrain

    One of the biggest benefits of choosing an above-ground setup in fibreglass pools is that you can work with all types of terrains. Awkward zones in the garden can also be made use of to fit in a suitable fibreglass pool for space.

    1. Additional requirements

    The design of the pool is complemented by the surrounding structures. Some homeowners might prefer installing a decorative deck around the fibreglass pool to add a sophisticated finish. In other cases, there might be no deck, so you can work with self-supported pools that are stronger.

    1. Warranty terms

    Understand the warranty conditions of the pool offered. Some pools come in wholesome packages that come with pool refilling, repairs, and other additional services. This brings a bang for your buck and gives the assurance of a long life of the pools.

    Once you consider all the above factors and carefully pick the right fibreglass swimming pool to install in your backyard, you can be assured that you have made a long-term investment in home-improvement. With the pool lying above the ground, you can also stop worrying about flooding and other limitations. Easily and quickly, you can have a beautiful structure adorning your garden without having to spend a huge budget.

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