• 6 Bathroom Decor Ideas

    Bathroom Decor

    Though it’s the room we often think about the least, the bathroom of your home is, in many ways, the most important room. Most people start and finish their day in the bathroom, brushing teeth, doing your hair, facing your face. It can set the tone for the rest of your day.

    No matter which room you usually entertain company in, whether it is the kitchen, living room or an outdoor space, every guest will, at some point, go into one of your bathrooms. So, keeping your bathrooms tidy and well decorated is also an important element of making others feel comfortable and welcome in your home.

    Adding small but meaningful decor to your bathroom, like unique zodiac candles or luscious house plants, can give your bathroom that attention to detail that changes the feel of the entire room. Here are some other great bathroom decor ideas:

    Fragrant, Unique Candles

    As much as we don’t want to talk about it sometimes, bathrooms can get smelly. Having items in the bathroom to emanate pleasant fragrances can mitigate this problem and create a calming atmosphere throughout the house. Make the candles a part of your bathroom decor scheme and be sure to leave out an attractive set of matches or lighter nearby. Look for candles that are unique to your personality and the rest of your home decor. If you’re into all things mystical, tarot card candles can set the mood. Or perhaps look for candles that correspond with the season like beachy scents for summer and scents of pine or cinnamon for winter. Vanilla is an excellent scent to use year-round.

    Houseplants (Fake or Real)

    Houseplants are a great way to spruce up any room in the house, but if you’re looking for bathroom decor ideas, this is a must. Houseplants can naturally add that pop of color to keep the room looking bright and cheery. If you’re someone who decorates your home around the theory of feng shui, houseplants in the bathroom can stimulate energy and bring a bit of nature inside.

    Live houseplants also clean toxins in the air and improve the air quality of your home. If you’re not someone with a green thumb, you can still incorporate plants into your bathroom — invest in fake ones! This is a great way to get that same fresh look without the work of caring for a plant.

    An Accent Wall

    For people who love color, sticking to neutral tones for bathroom decor can be insincere and not mesh with the rest of your decor. The best solution? An accent wall! An accent wall is one wall of a room that is painted a different color than the rest. It’s still best to avoid any dark colors, as these will darken the room more dramatically than expected. But, you can opt for a mint green or a light blue to add a bit more personality to the room without darkening the environment.

    Light-Colored Items and Light Fixtures

    Some rooms look greater with darker-colored walls or accents, but the bathroom is the last place you want to look dark. Bathrooms are typically small and often don’t have a window letting in natural light, so it’s easy for these rooms to look too dark. Stick to lighter shades with a few pops of color to brighten up your bathroom.

    More light allows you and your guests to find necessary items more easily, such as soap, hand towels, more toilet paper, but it also improves your ability to see while putting on makeup or fixing your hair. Look for lighting fixtures with white shades around the bulbs and place it above the sink mirror to allow for the best lighting.

    Good Linens

    Linens are an important element of your bathroom. Hand towels are essential for drying hands, and full-sized towels often hang somewhere on display while drying. Looking for linens that are of high quality and available in colors that match with the general decor is a great way to create a more cozy, even pampering, environment for you and your house guests.

    Different Texture Walls

    If you want to really step up your bathroom decor game, adding some textured walls might be the answer for you. This is a more time-consuming process than some of the other decor ideas, but it can create an impressive finish. There are many ways to add texture to your bathroom walls — natural wood, shiplap panels, textured stone, tiles or even 3D wall treatments. You can opt to add tiles to the show area or as a backsplash behind the sink.

    Transform Your Bathroom with These Bathroom Decor Ideas

    Making your bathroom a beautiful, comfortable place is important to caring for your home and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Try implementing some of these ideas like adding candles, keeping the colors in the room light or adding a full length mirror to the door, and you’ll notice a brighter, cleaner-looking room in no time.

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