• How To Check For Leaks In Your Home

    Check For Leaks In Your Home

    Maintaining a home takes effort and dedication. However, sometimes household issues occur that are out of your control, including leaks. Leaks in the home can take many forms, including air, water, and gas leaks. When you find a leak, it’s important to act on it right away, since it can pose many dangers and even health issues.

    Natural gas is safe and convenient to use. However, gas leaks are highly flammable and can cause a fire or explosion. Moreover, they also reduce the amount of oxygen in the air, which may cause symptoms such as dizziness, difficulty breathing, headaches, nausea, drowsiness, and more.

    If you detect a gas leak in your home, call the gas company to have your gas turned off. You should also avoid using matches or lighters. Be sure to schedule a service appointment with your local gas plumber.

    Water leaks can also occur in the home. This can cause higher water bills, mold and mildew, and even structural damage. Additionally, water leaks pose a fire hazard if they occur near electrical wiring.

    If you find a water leak, turn off the water supply valve in your home. This will put a temporary stop to the leak. Then, you can conduct a water meter check and document any damage. You may want to notify your insurance company and call a plumber for service.

    To learn more about the dangers of leaks and what to do if you detect one, see the accompanying resource.

    Infographic created by Conway Services, an air conditioning company

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