Get The Right Look For Your Home With French Bedroom Furniture

If you have enormous space in your bedroom and are planning to redesign it, then you can choose to have French bedroom furniture. This furniture is sophisticated, elegant and gives a classic touch to the room. There is enormous detailing in pulling up the right look for the room. While some choose to buy the actual antique furniture, others go for the remakes sold by merchandisers. As opposed to trendy furniture types, French bedroom furniture goes for intricate carvings, detailing and the use of different pastel shades and combined designs to make your bedroom a cozy place to live in.

French bedroom furniture

How can you renovate the look of your bedroom with French bedroom furniture?


It is true that if you choose French-style bedroom furniture, then you need to concentrate on the king-size and queen-size bed designs that can be accommodated according to the background décor of your rooms. Actually, it depends on the kind of furniture you choose for your bedroom. If you are looking for a subtle ambiance, you will find classic pieces well within your reach. But if you are looking at something dramatic, then certainly it will cost you more. French beds are known for their intricate designs, curved legs and delicately framed headboards. You will certainly find simpler designs with accentuated lines and curves to make the bed look timeless and classic.

Mattresses, Pillows, downs, etc.

If the bed looks tempting, you or anybody who comes to your room will feel like jumping onto it. Try to understand the frame of the bed and pair it up with the comfortable mattress.

  • You will have to choose the bed sheets, pillows, covers, downs, etc. carefully. It should not disturb the look of your French bedroom furniture.
  • Carefully coordinate it with the paint or the wallpaper. If you are planning to paint the room, then make sure you do it first and then shop for the sheets and covers.


This is the most important element while you are trying to pull off the French bedroom furniture look.  Pay close attention to the wall color or paper that you are picking for the bedroom. The cream color is one of the top choices because it highlights the look of the furniture. The bed, mirrors or dressers, wooden almirah, etc. appear more beautiful with a faint background. If you use some light and soothing colors, then your bedroom will remain cool during the summer. Pastel shades do wonders if you want to give a French rustic look to your décor.

Opt for pinewood furniture.

Get some inspiration from traditional French bedroom furniture. While picking other bedroom furniture, choose the ones that have cherry wood or an oak finish. Another alternative would be pine wood furniture. The distressed furniture will give your bedroom an eternal and classic French feel. When it comes to window frames and curtains, choose lace and fancy ones to tie up the entire look. To top everything, you can add picture frames and fresh flowers.

The key to putting up the French bedroom lies in picking the right furniture and balancing it well. So, if you choose a particular piece of French furniture to be very ornate, then you will have to pull down on other elements in the bedroom. There are some online portals from which you can choose the styles and designs for the French bedroom furniture, and you can also compare the prices accordingly to get the best investment done. Check out styling tips in home décor magazines or online sites. You can even refer to the online DIY sites for some inspiration on picking the furniture and decorating the room.

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